Republicans march for assassination over masked transport mask order: ‘About time’

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Most Americans are not required to wear masks in schools or public places, and Senate Republicans on Tuesday demanded the repeal of some of the longest-running COVID-19 mask orders. – the carrier.

“I have a crazy idea. Americans need to follow the mask rules that members of Congress have in the language of the State of the Union,” Sen. Aquino said. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

“Two weeks ago, we saw 535 members of Congress sitting on the floor of the House.” Joe Biden had no mask. Kamala Harris has no mask. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have a mask. “

States and local governments increased all types of mask orders last month as the winter omicron wave of the disease decreased. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also unveiled its mask advice – a move that some Republicans have suggested about the midterms to come before the changes in science.

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But President Biden last week increased the power of the federal transport mask. This applies to Americans who travel on airplanes, commuter trains, and buildings that are connected to forms of transportation such as train stations and airports.

Cruz and a handful of Senate Republicans condemned the increase Tuesday as unreasonable and unsupported by science.

“The current power is set to end on March 18,” Sen. said. Roger Wicker, R-Miss. “We’re happy with that. Unfortunately for whatever reason, it’s not a science project. Leader Biden chose not to listen to science and decided to increase the mask power for another month.”

“When the mask order was set to end public transport on March 18, we all said it was time,” Sen said. James Lankford, R-Okla. “Then the administrator announced, ‘It’s not just a joke. We’re moving now to April 18 and then we’ll review it again.'”

“Americans want the freedom to choose,” he added. “Why don’t we allow Americans in the United States to choose this process. The whole country is putting on mask orders.”

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If the Biden driver returns the federal transport mask order, for Americans it would have to remove the rear mask or the COVID order they would be required to wear in their daily lives.

In a CDC recommendation, the Biden administration announced last week that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mask order would be increased to a minimum of April 18. It is scheduled to expire on Friday of this week. .

A sign will be received for tourists looking for their Delta Airlines flight at Miami International Airport in Feb. 1, 2021, and Florida. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

“At that time, the CDC will work with government agencies to help understand a revised policy plan for the time being, and under the circumstances, masks should be required in the public transportation, ”an official told Fox News. “This systematic approach will be based on the COVID-19 community levels, the challenge of modern technology, government data, and the latest science.”

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The disease is now in its second year – the World Health Organization (WHO) reported the disease on March 11, 2020. More than 965,000 Americans have died of COVID -19 since the beginning of the epidemic. disease, compared with nearly 80 million. recorded cases of the disease.

But the increase in medications available over the past year, with an increasing number of Americans with a pre -existing disease after the omicron wave, is seen as a significant reduction in the number of cases and hospitals from the winter.

“I wonder why they want to protect people’s lives, on airplanes and planes,” Wicker said of the mask orders. “Just because of the power of the government, they can do it if they want to? Listen, for months, these rules were stupid.”

Fox News’ Mark Meredith contributed to the show.

Republicans march for assassination over masked transport mask order: ‘About time’

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