Republicans blame Biden after a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport: “Blood in his hands”

Republicans have accused the Biden administration of treating Afghanistan after multiple explosions outside Kabul Airport, injuring at least three US Marines.

“President, fix the turmoil you created. Then stop running away. We are still at war. You” did not end the war, “you just gave the enemy a new advantage. rice field. Continue to attack, establish an advantage, and do not. Don’t leave until all citizens and allies are safe, “Dan Crenshaw tweeted in response to the violence.

At least three U.S. Marines injured after suicide bombings, multiple explosions, and battles at Afghanistan Airport

A suicide bomber outside the Abbey Gate at Kabul’s airport was at least injured 3 US Marine Corps US officials confirmed Thursday. It is unknown how many others were injured or killed.

The violence criticized the Biden administration’s treatment of Afghanistan and urged others to join Clenshaw by sending their prayers to US troops on the ground.

Former Navy aviator Scott Franklin, a Republican lawmaker, told Fox News in an interview Thursday that he was “not surprised” by the attack.

PSAKI claims that no American has been “stuck” in Afghanistan due to a heated exchange

“I’m not surprised. It’s hard to see, but I’m not surprised,” Franklin said. “I mean ISIS-K, they are all intertwined, all interrelated and nourishing each other. It’s no surprise to me.”

Franklin said he didn’t know what he could do to help Americans escape in the turmoil, calling the ground situation in Afghanistan “terrible turmoil” whether the suicide bombers would recur.

Critics for not extending the withdrawal deadline of Afghan troops Slam Biden: “Blood in his hands”

“I don’t know, it’s just a mess … we were at the mercy of the enemies who fought for 20 years and abandoned ourselves when we were in control. The advantage we had over them. Abandoned sex. “

Critics have previously accused Biden of failing to extend the deadline for U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 31, and Republican Rep. Michael McCaul said the president “bleeds in his hands.” rice field.

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“By that time, we can say that we cannot humanly take all our American citizens and Afghan partners out of the country. I have consistently described this as a grand unmitigated disaster. I’m calling. It will be a mess of this presidency, and especially about today’s decision and what I heard today. He will shed blood and people will die. “

Republicans blame Biden after a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport: “Blood in his hands”

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