Republican senators blame liberal groups for wishful thinking, saying China will never act in a “reasonable” way

Tennessee Republican Senator Bill Hagerty has criticized a liberal group calling on the Biden administration to soften its stance on China, and U.S. adversaries do not take “reasonable” action on their own in an interview on Saturday. Said it would be.

A group of more than 40 progressive organizations sent a letter to Biden this week urging the White House to adopt a more reconciling approach with China for climate change.

China’s strict human rights have been left to warn that it could undermine global warming efforts.

“We’ve seen this movie before in the Clinton administration,” Hagati told Fox News in an interview. “We have made China a member of the WTO. [World Trade Organization].. Thoughts at the time:’Expose China to our market economy and give them the opportunity to see how we behave, reconcile with China, take a different perspective, and finally To be more rational and will act in more markets-like fashion. ”

“It’s not China that exists,” he added. “We have to take the world as it is, not as we want.”

The letter to Biden meant the division of the Democratic Party, with moderate members imposing strict regimes on China’s policies surrounding human rights abuses in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and the naval invasion in the Taiwan Strait, and tackling climate change.

Instead, the party’s left-wing Democrats argued that climate change is the greatest threat to the United States and needs to be prioritized.

But Mr Hagati said China’s actions give an overall picture of what could be a problem internationally and globally.

China benefits when Biden builds a cave for climate change activists: Marc Morano

“Remember that President Xi, who stood in the Rose Garden next to Obama in 2015, said,’These islands have no military intent.’ These are these fake islands under construction in the South China Sea, “Hagerty explained. “These are military assets that China has destroyed coral reefs and poured millions of tonnes of concrete into the ocean, and there have been no complaints from the US environmental sector.”

Senator said this was just one element of China’s overall plan for global domination.

As part of the Global Belt and Road Initiative, China is investing heavily in Arctic mining and energy resources.

Communist states are also working with Russia to establish new routes through frozen areas – with respect to some sovereign states where coastal lands give them regional jurisdiction.

But Mr Hagati said China’s invasion of the Arctic was similar to its motives in Africa, pretending to be research.

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“What they are trying to do is safe and important natural resources that could be a chokepoint for the global economy,” Senator said. “What their strategy should be in the Arctic, that is the strategy in Africa.

“China’s strategy is aggressive everywhere,” he concludes. “It’s predatory at every step.”

Republican senators blame liberal groups for wishful thinking, saying China will never act in a “reasonable” way

Source link Republican senators blame liberal groups for wishful thinking, saying China will never act in a “reasonable” way

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