Republican senators are telling Biden to allow Polish planes to enter Ukraine

The Pentagon has slammed Poland’s offer to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, saying it could be a “high risk” for the war to escalate.

WASHINGTON – Republican U.S. senators are asking the Biden administration to change course and allow Polish MiG fighters to be handed over to Ukrainians to fight the Russian occupation, signaling that the Defense Department’s rejection of the proposal could result in sharp resistance on Capitol Hill.

Forty GOP senators Johnny Ernst of Iowa and Mitt Romney of Utah signed a letter from President Joe Biden urging Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to respond to a request from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky if the United States fails to help lawmakers over the weekend. If it had a flight zone in its skies, it could at least send more planes to protect its people from an attack from Russia.

“Enough talk. “People are dying,” Romney told a news conference on Capitol Hill. “Send them the planes they need.”

Republicans’ opposition to the Pentagon’s rejection of Poland’s proposal has probably caught the attention of the administration’s top officials – senators say the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, has called the Capitol Hill.

Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, said it was difficult to see the wreckage – especially Russia’s airstrikes on a maternity hospital – and was opposed to providing Ukrainians with “these important planes.”

The Biden administration initially said that Soviet-era planes currently in NATO ally Poland could be moved to provide air support to Ukraine as it fights a Russian attack. However, on Wednesday, the Pentagon closed the door to an unexpected offer from Poland and instead handed over the planes to NATO by handing them over to a US base in Germany. The Pentagon says planes are not the most effective weapon, and that Poland’s plan could pose a “high risk” to escalate the war.

Rejecting the administration’s arguments, GOP senators said the United States must remain committed and provide Zelensky with what it needs to defend Ukraine, as ordinary people around the world take up arms, as many consider it a heroic attempt to save their country.

“We urge you to take immediate action to provide the much-needed air force, which will strengthen the ability of the Ukrainian armed forces to defend their country and save the lives of civilians,” the senators wrote.

Republican senators have dismissed concerns that Russia could consider the transfer of aircraft through NATO a provocation at a time when the United States is already sending anti-aircraft missiles and other military support to Ukraine.

The senators also argued that the administration’s logistical problems with the replacement of Polish MiGs with US F-16s could be addressed in other ways, possibly with other surplus aircraft in US storage.

While some on and off Capitol Hill have argued that lethal drones and anti-aircraft missiles could be more effective in the fight against the Russian air force, some GOP senators have defended the approach of all of the above.

Most senators hoped – if they were unsure – that if they put pressure on the White House, it would reverse the course. This has happened several times in recent weeks as lawmakers have forced the White House to take a tougher line than the Biden administration seemed ready to accept for the first time.

Kentucky Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has criticized the Biden administration for being too slow to send military aid to Ukraine. On Thursday, Congress finalized a $ 13.6 billion military and humanitarian aid package.

“This administration has been a step behind every step,” McConnell said.

“Ukrainians need planes, they need equipment to fight them,” McConnell said. “They need that help, and they need it now.”

Senators, such as Senator Rob Portman, have given the White House a 180-degree turn in policy decisions, with senators pushing for sanctions against Russia, an end to the North Stream 2 energy pipeline, and a ban on Russian oil imports. , R-Ohio, said at a press conference.

“Every hour we do not increase our aid, whether legally or otherwise, we have Ukrainians dying,” Ernst said. “We have to do our best.”

Republican senators are telling Biden to allow Polish planes to enter Ukraine

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