Relive George Teague hitting the TO ahead of the Cowboys-49ers

Prior to the Cowboys playoff game with the 49ers, George Teague told the WFAA about the hit that rocked the NFL 22 years ago and what that means for rivalry.

Dallas — The Dallas Cowboys are set up for a playoff match against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, with Niners fans talking big about playing at AT & T, and many fans have a classic rivalry moment between the two teams. I am relived. ..

One memory in particular included a hit that rocked the NFL at the time, and continues to do so 22 years later.

It was a hit that revealed that you shouldn’t ruin the star.

Of course, we’re talking about the hit of Terrell Owens, then 49ers receiver, who celebrated touching down on the Cowboys logo at Texas Stadium on September 24, 2000.

This was Owens’ second touchdown celebration above the game logo. The Cowboys, running back to Emmitt Smith after he did it for the first time, responded kindly by emphasizing football from his own score on the logo.

Then, after Owens scored a second goal and started returning to the middle of the field again, Teague … well, as I told WFAA on Friday, he wasn’t going to wake it up again. ..

In a previous zoom call with Cowboys Safety, Teague analyzes what happened at that memorable Cowboys moment and the reactions and punishments his efforts received.

Matt Howerton: “How was your reaction when you learned that the 49ers would play the Cowboys? Obviously, for that moment in 2000, you are connected to that rivalry. “

George Teague: “I was really really excited … I went into trash talk mode as soon as I found it. It was a bit exciting to see this relive itself again.”

Howerton: “It wasn’t a game people remember, but they remember Terrell at that moment. [Owens] Recorded his touchdown and went to the middle of the field, Emit [Smith] With a score, he put it in the middle of the field, the third time when you entered. What were you doing when you were watching it? “

Teague: “The first time I was shocked [Owens] I went. I thought it was great that Emit returned and insisted on it. The second bad part was that I was looking at him to see what he was trying to do until his celebration. What about the new antique? It was confused again when he returned to the star. I just went to make sure this never happened again and it was an immediate reaction. You hear a little about the jokes we might have had in advance. Yes, but that didn’t affect what was happening at the star. Stars have many meanings. Not just the logo, just the X and O. For me, there are many things I wanted to protect. “

Howerton: “Tell me the moment before pressing TO”

Teague: “Anyway, if the heat of the helmet at that time could be measured from anger and everything else, it would probably glow red. When I was chasing, it had full anger and expectations. … hey it’s about getting down here in the middle of the field. That was my complete idea and I expected it to be public. Now about what the hit will be. Did you have any expectations? I was trying to get there as soon as possible. I wasn’t necessarily aiming for it. But … I’m trying to fight. “

Howerton: “Have you been talking to TO since all this happened?”

Teague: “That’s right. I tried to talk to him. This was years ago, before he came to Dallas, and definitely when he became a team member. I was in person with him. I tried to talk face-to-face. We’ve been 22 years old and we haven’t talked about anything yet. I don’t think it’s happening at all now. “

Howerton: “What were some of what your teammates told you after that moment?”

Teague: “There were several different scenarios. One-you’re crazy. It was more shocking.” I couldn’t believe you actually went and did it. “The other side – it. Thank you for doing it. The weirdest part wasn’t really what the players said, but what the coaching staff said when they called me the day after I had to report to the meeting. With me, “Hey George, we really appreciate what you did.” And they hit me, “But we have to fine you. prize”. And I was like, “Well, if you need to punish me, you must not have liked it that much.”

“Now it’s completely different in that boys aren’t always playing for brands, logos and organizations. Often we grew up wanting to play in a team. Or you’ve always been taught about loyalty to the team, especially when they give you the opportunity as the Jones family did for me. I wish I had more of it now. People who aren’t necessarily selfish about themselves, people on the move … forwarding college portals, free agencies, you’re really tied to things. We need to get back to it. “

Howerton: “If you remember, how much was the fine, and after all these years, do you think it was worth it?”

Teague: “The fine was $ 24,999 … it was worth it. I received everything at praise, autograph sessions, etc. If that happens again, I’ll definitely start over.”

Howerton: “What’s your message for Cowboys fans this Sunday match? [your hit] Is it still a kind of battle cry? “

Teague: “I know 49ers fans travel a lot so I don’t want to put a lot of red in there, so I’ve already asked on Twitter and all the other platforms have tickets to those people. Don’t sell. Join the game and become the fan those players need. Must be loud. You need a competitive advantage from the people in the crowd. Not needed for the 49ers. These games are tough regardless. How old are the rivals? Fans need to help when entering the playoffs. “

Relive George Teague hitting the TO ahead of the Cowboys-49ers

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