Redroad V17 Hendheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Strict quality control, RedRoad sees product quality as lifeline

Smart home appliance brand RedRoad views product quality as their lifeline. As a supplier, RedRoad uses strict quality control to protect the interest of its consumers, starting with raw materials of the highest industrial standards.

RedRoad had set a high efficiency Quality and Safety Control System, invested millions of dollars to build the Electrical Device Test Centre which meets the criteria of ISO, IEC 17025:2005 General Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Strictly quality control on parts

 RedRoad has established a Supplier Quality Management team, which manages more than 200 suppliers. The team members have excellent professional capabilities and higher quality control standards than their peers. If a component manufacturer wants to become a supplier of RedRoad, it must go through rigorous qualification audits. In addition to passing various international certifications, products must pass inspections before they can enter the purchase list of RedRoad. Take the vacuum cleaner wire as an example, RedRoad’s professionally designed wire fatigue tester uses a robot to simulate a human hand to bend the wire. The wire is only considered qualified after 2 weeks, 600,000 times of griping and bending without breaking. Most companies of the same type only require 450,000 anti-griping times, and RedRoad stands over 25% higher than the peers. And all pipeline components of the vacuum cleaner will undergo a fatigue endurance test as well.

After becoming as a supplier, each batch of products supplies for RedRoad still has to undergo strict screening process, and the unqualified products will be placed in a special red box to reject. If the yield rate is lower than the standard, the whole batch will be returned to the factory. Under the requirements of this system, the supplier must use the most sophisticated technology to produce for RedRoad.

It is almost impossible for unqualified parts to finally enter to the assembly line. However, in order to improve the quality, the RedRoad production line has set up an alarm reward mechanism, the front-line workers will supervise on the quality of the parts and other minor design problems. Assemblers who discovers any problems will immediately trigger the red alarm on the production line. After verification, if it is indeed a problem, the worker will be rewarded.

Layers of quality inspection and quality control ensures precise final products.

Whole process test out

 The RedRoad Quality Inspection Center, which has been built with millions of dollars, has obtained the world class certification. Its quality inspection level has reached the world’s recognized management level and testing capabilities, and its testing results can be recognized by more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Redroad V17

Redroad V17

The monitoring procedures include tests on noise, waterproofing, bending of various parts, the service life of the entire machine, etc. Each process has strict standard control, such as carpet cleaning test. The tested carpet needs to be “accommodated” in a air-conditioned room of constant temperature and humidity for 24 hours in advance, and the test can only be carried out by ensuring the stability of various performances. Take another example: for any new products, the first batch will be sent to the service life test platform to simulate the conditions of use under all-weather working tests.

In order to adapt to the shipping across the globe and ensure that the vacuum cleaners in  package will not have product problems during cross-border transportation, the RedRoad Testing Center has specially established a constant temperature and humidity box. Simulate the shipping container environment, put the whole pack of vacuum cleaner into the container, then take out the sample product after receiving the high temperature test of 70 Celsius degrees for 45 days. Only that the pack is not damp or deformed, the box body label still in good form, and the vacuum cleaner itself not having any appearance or quality problems, then it could be finally judged as qualified products.

The high quality of the product is the preservation of the value of the money paid by users. Without quality assurance, no matter how good the performances or features are designed for one product, there will be zero chance for users to experience the product at all.

RedRoad V17 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, also passed strict quality control, will be released in September. As always, RedRoad is offering you another exquisite, sleek-looking, durable and user-friendly home appliance.

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