Redkey F10 – modern life with one-stop solution for whole house cleaning

Redkey is an innovative brand devoted to shaping a comfy and easy way of modern life with  one-stop solution for whole-house cleaning.

At affordable prices, Redkey provides simple and efficient home cleaning solution instead of redundant products & complex procedures. The Redkey F10 folding vacuum cleaner, first released in June, has seen a craze worldwide and hit 10 million USD sales in a single month.

Following the crazy selling F10, Redkey has recently released its autumn edition of home cleaning appliances. The edition is designed for whole house cleaning, including pet hair remover, wet-dry vacuum cleaner, electric mop, cordless vacuum cleaner with extension tube and corded vacuum cleaner, ranging from €50 to €200.

Pet hair remover (about €60)

Here comes good news for pet owners. You wouldn’t believe when we say this 455g machine has static brush head, 80,000rpm motor and 14,000pa suction in it. It’s so small and lightweight that you clean whenever and wherever you want. It’s easy to charge with an USB port. And it’s equipped with tools for various cleaning tasks, including couch and bed, upholstery, baby stroller and car.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaner (about €200)

It’s the most expected model in this category. Even though 2-in-1 mop and vacuum has impressive cleaning performance, it’s also quite pricey because of its novel nature: often above €400. This model is powerful for stubborn stains that regular vacuum cleaners can’t remove, and it’s more affordable for most people (about the price of mid-range vacuum cleaners). Unlike regular wet-dry vacuum cleaners, it’s slim and affordable thanks to Redkey’s capability of design and strong supply chain resources.

Electric mop (under €150)

Its 250rpm rate is much higher than 180rpm of most contenders. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the mopping pad because it can clean itself at the press of a button. And it’s equipped with 2 types of mopping pads for both cleaning and waxing the floor.

P6 vacuum cleaner (about €70)

This corded vacuum cleaner is great at deep cleaning for which cordless vacuum cleaners have insufficient power and limited battery life. Its 600W is twice of the power of most cordless vacuum cleaners. The 7 meter cord means you can clean all the way across your living room. It may feel less convenient since we’ve gotten used to its cordless cousins, but it’s still more capable of deep cleaning with high power, infinite runtime and optimized maneuverability.

Vacuum cleaner with extension tube (about €150)

It’s perfect for small houses, and easy to store in compact spaces. It beats most models out there when it comes to suction and dust cup volume. And it is very affordable.

With professional design, developed production modes and top notch supply chain management, Redkey has been able to make one best seller after another over the years. The products are always easy to use, sometimes you don’t even have to read the manual to know how to wipe all the dust and waste away from your house.

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