Reddit is the king of bad times

In “King Richard,” a 2021 drama depicting Williams ’early career as a sister tennis player, Will Smith’s character Richard Williams rules out so many options for his daughter Venus that it makes your jaw drop. That worked out pretty well for him and his sister, Serena, in the end.

Reddit social media platforms — now Serena Williams’s husband, created by Alexis Ohanian — would be so nervous and timeless. Redditors took over the market last year, boosting retail interest in action memes like GameStop, which laid the foundations for investing, and briefly turned the WallStreetBets forum into the center of the financial universe. Founded in 2005 in a room like Facebook a year earlier, Reddit is now one of the most visited websites in the world in January with more than 50 million single active users every day.

Reddit is the king of bad times

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