Reba McEntire rescued from building after collapse

Donny Osmond was temporarily paralyzed after a quiet back and neck surgery in 2019 and was afraid to never walk again.

While chatting with Miller in the UK, the singer remembered that his arms and legs were paralyzed in the final song of the final performance of the “Donny & Marie” Residency in Las Vegas in 2019. At that moment, he kept hiding his problem from anyone. sister.

“I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me. I just kept dancing and finished the show,” he said.

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Donnie soon realized that his spine had shifted due to a prolonged dance injury over the years, and he would need surgery to fix it. After undergoing surgery in Utah, Donnie suffered from a secondary infection and suddenly became immobile.

After months of rehabilitation, he sneaked his feet back under him.

“I thought everything would work, but it couldn’t get worse,” he said, wondering if he would certainly be paralyzed. “It absolutely crossed my head, but I just didn’t refuse the answer.”

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After returning to Form, and now staying alone in Harrah’s and returning to Las Vegas, Donnie acknowledged his team, his faith, and the credit of his 43-year-old wife, Debbie.

“She knew exactly what kind of determination I had and I knew I was okay,” he says.

There were some positives that came from complications. During the trials, Donnie was able to stop and step into his recording studio to focus on his new album, “Start Again,” featuring the song “Who.” In the music video for this song, Donnie is constantly dancing.

“I made the video about a year and two months after everything happened,” he says. “Oh, something was really good just to go back to walking, not to mention dancing.”

Reba McEntire rescued from building after collapse

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