Real-time animation, especially features that live stream on Reddit

No introduction to Reddit is required. The internet front page is one of the most popular forums and home to controversial theories and memes. So there is something for everyone. Still, it’s lagging behind other social media platforms, and to improve this, we’ve recently released new features such as crazy, setting timers, changing recording speeds, adding narration, uploading landscape videos, and more. doing. And portrait mode. Currently, new features are finally being rolled out from Wednesday, and real-time features will debut on the “Internet Front Page”.

New features announced include animations that increase or decrease the number of votes in real time, the date and time other users are currently entering comments, and the number of people reading the post.
Starting today, it will be rolled out globally to desktop and mobile versions of Reddit. Therefore, if you are a Reddit user, be prepared for a more interactive experience.

With these features, new votes and comments create dynamic animations so that the number of comments and votes doesn’t remain static. When the user is typing, the comment window shows the number of anonymous avatars, but not the user’s username. The read indicator works as well.

In addition, users can see that a new comment was created when a new comment was posted while viewing the post. Click the new comment indicator to sort the comments by the new comment and highlight the live comment in real time.

With this, Reddit wants users to keep interacting with comments more often and ultimately increase Reddit’s overall engagement. The goal is to create a better user experience and a platform with rich media and real-time capabilities.

Real-time animation, especially features that live stream on Reddit

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