Read more about botox for the face

Botox is a type of cosmetic procedure when injections of a special neurotoxin are injected under the skin – a drug that has a natural basis, the purpose of which is to paralyze neural connections, which leads to muscle relaxation and smoothing of wrinkles. The active ingredient is called botulinum toxin (from the name of the bacteria that produces it), hence the name of the procedure “botox”.

A few facts:

  • it is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure, with more than 6 million injections performed annually;
  • in medicine, botox is used to treat strabismus, excessive sweating, migraines, muscle disorders, etc.;
  • botulinum toxin is a poison, but small doses have no negative effects.

Face botox

Botox for the face in cosmetology has indications for use. These include:

  1. Pronounced mimic wrinkles;
  2. Reduction of sagging skin areas (cheeks and chin are often affected);
  3. Correction of facial contours;
  4. Facial asymmetry correction.

Skin wrinkles are usually formed perpendicular to the contracting muscle just below them. For example, the forehead muscle is a vertical muscle and when it contracts (for example, when raising the eyebrows), the resulting wrinkle lines will be horizontal. The drug in the muscles blocks nerve impulses, their activity is reduced, wrinkles are reduced. In the case of deep mimic wrinkles, it “softens” the lines, but does not completely remove them; examination and consultation with a specialist is required.

Read more about botox for the face

Like any injections, Botox injections are painful, but the needles used are very thin, so the pain is minimal. The face area can be treated with a local anesthetic cream.

The injection procedure usually takes from 10 to 30 minutes, the result should not be expected immediately, since it takes 2 to 4 days for the active substance of the drug to attach to the end of the nerve. The maximum effect usually occurs after about 2 weeks.

Botox in the forehead

Forehead Botox is used to smooth out two types of wrinkles:

  • glabellar lines, which are vertical frown lines that appear between the eyebrows. These folds form when a person frowns. For the treatment of glabellar lines, most cosmetologists use about 20-25 units: this can be 5 V-shaped injections between the eyebrows, or 3 injections into the central points. The doctor chooses the specific injection sites, conducting a special analysis of the response of the facial muscles before the Botox procedure;
  • horizontal wrinkles. Correction occurs by relaxing the anterior muscle, which is responsible for the activity of the eyebrows. During the procedure, up to 30 units of Botox are injected into 5-10 different points of the forehead. Injections are administered in an M-shaped form at a distance of about 1.5-2 cm from each other.

Botox cost

To buy botox you need to know that the cost of the Botox injection procedure depends on the price of the drug used, the number of injected units, the qualifications of the specialist, and the region. Injections, the price of which is greatly understated, should alert you – most likely a poor-quality solution is used.

Quality injections such as Hutox Botox are generally well tolerated. Very rarely, a genetic predisposition to the production of antibodies is manifested – then the procedure will not bring the desired effect.

You should not resort to injections for inflammatory processes, pregnancy, allergic reactions, etc.

The result lasts on average 6-8 months, then, if desired, the injections can be repeated.

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