Ravens gambled, scored two points and lost. But it was a smart phone | NFL

NSFL players are usually not selectable when retiring. Time makes that decision for them. Last week’s report suggested that we were skeptical throughout the season. This is Ben Roethlisberger at the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. Assuming the report is true, Sunday’s 20-19 victory over Baltimore Ravens could fall as the last hurray of the Hall of Fame quarterback.

As is often the case when the Steelers confront historic rival Baltimore Ravens, it was an ugly game. Ugly but convincing. Roethlisberger was leading the Steelers thanks to two touchdown passes. But with 12 seconds left, Lamar Jackson connected with Sammy Watkins, cutting Pittsburgh’s lead to a lonely point. Head coach John Harbaugh has made the decision. Ravens was able to tie the game with additional points from Justin Tucker (probably the biggest kicker in NFL history) or win the regulation with a two-point conversion.

Ravens was worried about going overtime with a tattered cornerback corps. So Harbaugh bravely called for them to go together. Did not work.. Jackson’s pass bounced off Mark Andrews’ finger, and Ravens’ subsequent desperate onside kick failed. With the most unlikely manners, Pittsburgh survived yet another disastrous low-scoring match against Baltimore.

In sports, no one remembers if the head coach made the right decision, only if that decision yielded results. In this case, instead, Harbaugh is already facing intense criticism. But in a vacuum, going with two people feels like a healthy call, especially in leagues where overtime wins rely heavily on coin throwing. Harbaugh deserves responsibility for his team’s inability to perform play. And it probably handed his last victory over Ravens to Roethlisberger.

Sunday match marked 39thThe fourth quarter comeback of his career. Few QBs in recent memory are dangerous under pressure or show such productive improvisation when the phone goes wrong, so the number is small. I feel it.During his peak, defense destroyed the protection surrounding Big Ben at their own risk: he more It is dangerous when working in a folding pocket.

But that prime number was long ago in the NFL era. Partly because of his way of playing, the 39-year-old was beaten on the field and never postponed his father time like Tom Brady. Despite Sunday’s victory, the Steelers are 6-5-1, lagging behind both the Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals in AFC North, barely ahead of the 6-6 Cleveland Browns. They participate in the playoff hunt, but that’s just for fun.

Curiously, Roethlisberger may have helped another of his old rivals on Sunday. When the Ravens fall to 8-4, the New England Patriots will dominate the AFC record if they defeat Buffalo Bills in Monday Night Football (and conversely, if Bills wins, they will be AFC East. Patriots who will be the top ahead of the district.)

For the Steelers, the playoffs are at best an external bet. The victory against the Ravens on Sunday could be the last big win of Roethlisberger’s long career.

This Week’s MVP

Kyler Murray’s Arizona Cardinals has the best record in the NFL. Photo: David Banks / AP

Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals.. Murray showed no signs of rust when he returned from the injury, threw a touchdown twice and rushed two more times. Murray had only installed 182 yards, which was understandable given the dire weather he was working in.

How bad was the situation at Soldier Field on Sunday?Well, the clear image of the game may have been an unfortunate Bears fan I’m trying to wear a poncho In the wind and rain. Maybe they were covering their eyes: the Cardinal crushed Bears 33-22 and improved their record to 10-2. This is the best in the NFL.

This week’s video

Finally happened! The Detroit Lions defeated the Minnesota Vikings 29-27 in their first win of the season. Yes, Lions are currently 1-10-1, which is still terrible, but not as bad as 0-11-1. Rookie offensive tackle Peney Seawell celebrated his first professional victory by releasing all emotions. Unfortunately for Sewell, if you want to win the prestigious Quote of the Week honor, you really need to express your joy in words.

But it was understandable because Detroit not only won, but also in an exciting way. Jared Goff over time hit the perfect name wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown with a touchdown pass.

This week’s statistics

12-0.. The Philadelphia Eagles set a 11-0 record against the New York Jets for Sunday’s match. Well, they improved it to 12-0 with a 33-18 victory. Good news for the team, except to start quarterback Jalen Hurts on a regular basis.

This is because Eagles fans have discovered a longtime backup / cult hero, Gardner Minshoe. Hearts sprained his ankle against the New York Giants and wasn’t available against Jets. Minshu brilliantly stepped in and threw two touchdowns and 242 yards.

This already has fans eager to anoint Minshu as the next Nick Foles, a memorable backup to defeat the New England Patriots for the franchise’s only Super Bowl victory. increase. It’s easy for Minshu to feel happy, but Eagles fans should keep their expectations down. Looking at the record books, it doesn’t really matter who they start as quarterbacks, as they are facing jets.

This week’s quote

“What’s happening in the world?” – CBS Broadcasting Station Kevin Harlan.

Including this call of Jimmy Garoppolo’s interception as a quote this week is like the Announcer Harlan’s Lifetime Achievement Award, one of the NFL’s greatest voices in history. Harlan has been providing live broadcasts of the NFL, NBA, and college basketball for decades. It’s easy to see why he is considered one of the best players in the business. Harlan combines old-fashioned gravity with a dramatic atmosphere.

In addition, on rare and magical occasions, he sometimes calls animal touchdowns.

Harlan had an entertaining game to cover on Sunday, the Topseater Turby game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks lost three games in a row with a 30-23 victory.Above all, the game Fake punt touchdown From Seattle, what Harlan highly valued.

Elsewhere in the league

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski play off
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are looking for another playoff. Photo: Erik S Lesser / EPA

-Mike Glennon has joined the sixth team in his NFL career as Daniel Jones was injured in the Giants on Sunday. You can have a long and lucrative career as a second string QB (Grennon earns $ 31 million during his time in the NFL), but it’s often not pretty.Just outside the gate, Glennon Threw an interception almost immediately.. This put the Giants in good shape when the Miami Dolphins team lost 20-9. Glennon was diagnosed with a concussion shortly after the match to injure the insult.

-Daniel Sorensen’s main role for most of the season was to become a symbol of the Kansas City Chiefs’ terrible defensive stumbling block. In Sunday Night Football against Denver Broncos, he scored a 75-yard pick 6 and stopped a two-point conversion. Sorensen is now a symbol of the Chiefs’ turnaround. Their defenses look pretty good, and Kansas City holds the co-best record at AFC after a total victory over Broncos. It was also the Chiefs’ 12th consecutive victory over Broncos.

-The Carolina Panthers didn’t play on Sunday, but just made a headline and fired offensive coordinator Joe Brady. The Panthers started 3-0 but couldn’t invest capital and now at 5-7 lost their nominal starter Sam Darnold to the injured list. Their hope is to bounce back after Cam Newton tries to put together a pleasing comeback story that hit a hurdle in last week’s defeat to the dolphins.

-Since non-winning sources seem to be the theme of today’s column, it’s time to talk about how Matt Ryan’s Atlanta Falcons have never won a match against Tom Brady’s team. This trend continued on Sunday as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Falcons 30-17.

As always, Brady played a great match against Atlanta’s defense, throwing four touchdowns, one intercept and a 368-yard pass. With the Buccaneers at 9-3, he looks like he’s floating an MVP case (ask the Falcons), even if he’s the last player to need more hardware.

-Apology to all the nasty people who love drama: There was nothing at all in the dismantling of the unfortunate Jackson Bill Jaguar 37-7 in the Los Angeles Rams. No one could have expected Trevor Lawrence to immediately lift a team whose 2020 record was bad enough to get the first choice for this year’s draft, but Jaguar is now 2-10 and Urban Meyer. Shows little improvement under.

Ravens gambled, scored two points and lost. But it was a smart phone | NFL

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