Rapper of the Year Megan Thee Stallion looks back on her barbarians, Triumphant 2020

She revisits the night as she did decades ago, but Megan is only 25 years old. It’s easy to forget when you watch her performance, listen to rap, or ask questions about environmental conditions. Advice on whether to send text to that fuckboy who is crazy you. (Don’t.) Her rise was the embodiment of Fast & Furious. Megan Jobon Ruth Pete is still a college student, attending Texas Southern University and earning a degree in health care from the tremendous momentum that began in 2016. I still decided to complete it.

Instagram fellow students and her followers knew her as Megan Thee Stallion, a Monica derived from the compliment she got from a man about her 5’10 height, but she joined the cypher in a group. Until then, no one else really knew about the local Houston rapper. Her mom gave her wardrobe advice and rides. The performance video shows that Megan has basically arrived as the fully formed performer we are seeing today. “Everyone’s mouth was wide open,” she recalls the audience. “And I said,” Why are you still surprised? “”

Her mother was watching, even though Megan warned her that she was going to curse. But Thomas knew what to expect. She had her own rap career and was known as Hollywood around Houston. She raised Megan in UGK and Three 6 Mafia, and raised her daughter primarily alone in the suburbs of Houston. Megan’s father spent the first eight years of life imprisonment and died at the age of fifteen. Megan calls him her best friend, but her mother has always been more than that. She was the first Megan to ever rap at the age of seven. She recalls that Megan had a recorded instrumental and Barbie toy playing beats. “Who [Mattel] I thought about that, “she says. “But it was a fire!” When she was 18, Megan said she wanted to rap her mother. Thomas said it was okay, but there were two caveats. Megan had to wait until he was 21 and had to get a college degree.

Thomas was Megan’s manager until she died. She taught Megan Studio etiquette — to show up on schedule and get the most out of your reserved time. She told Megan to rap in her own voice. “I used to rap in a voice that wasn’t speaking,” explains Megan. “I probably sound a bit monotonous, and she was like,” Why are you rapping that way? ” I say, “What? Good.” So she’s like “wrapping like you’re talking to me.” I was saying, “Oh, yes, yes.” And when your mom says something to you, you hate it. “

In the early moments of Megan’s career, there was little commotion thanks to her mom. “I always said,’I’m going to call mom. She knows what to do,” she says with a sigh. “Now I can’t just call my mom, but I’m always thinking.’Okay, what’s she doing?’ Sometimes I don’t know, sometimes I’m hitting my head. I’m still in my twenties! But , She is there. “

But it was more than just business advice and etiquette. She explains that much of what Megan is rapping, how she is rapping, and who she is as a woman is inherited from her mother and grandmother. One of her grandmothers, whom she called Big Mama, taught her about the importance of independence. Her other grandmother always taught her sweet things. And she says her mother taught her how to be tough. Confidence permeated early on and was strengthened by all three women. The three women were always positive in Megan’s ears. “They were as usual” Megan, you are great. “Hundred percent,” she says. “They always make me feel really, really good. They always look like this.” And you “give me this.’ And I, [imitates her voice as a seven-year-old] Yup! I don’t need a boy!

Rapper of the Year Megan Thee Stallion looks back on her barbarians, Triumphant 2020

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