Rafael Nadal Prep at the Australian Open wearing a Signature Million Dollar Watch

The best watches of the week pose an interesting question: why more athletes don’t wear watches during the game? Of course, the fact that it is uncomfortable to put a large lump of steel on the wrist while swinging the driver, the fact that there is a potential danger to other players in contact sports, and that often violates the rules. There are many reasons, including the fact that they are. But that, of course, makes it even more remarkable for athletes wearing watches to work, not to mention the work itself. From Bubba Watson to Usain Bolt, no one understands this as well as Richard Mille, who has worn brightly colored quartz and carbon watches that cost as much as a starter home. No one is here. But like Mille’s work, the Patent Bonker isn’t as impressive as the named watch Rafael Nadal wore when he clinched the Melbourne Somerset in Australia this week. In addition, the pre-match confrontation between Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry.

Darian Trainer

Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille RM 27-04

The steel cable stretched over the surface of the RM 27-04 is not only cool to look at, but it’s actually an important design element. In addition to being reminiscent of a racket string, the fine mesh acts as a suspension system, cushioning movement against impact and allowing the watch to withstand accelerations in excess of 12,000 g. This is about 11,997g more than an astronaut would experience during a lift-off. beat.

Noah Graham

Steph Curry’s Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium

In addition to the extensive selection of Rolex and Cartier, the Warriors MVP looks at rare variations of popular sports watches, from Panerai Luminor to this edition of Hublot’s classic fusion chronograph. Starting with the first Hublot model in 1980, the Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Titanium 45mm brings a design to the 21st century with a full titanium case and bracelet, and a cutaway dial. This is the perfect complement to your favorite Klay Thompson jersey.

Noah Graham

Andre Iguodala’s Rolex Deep Sea “D-Blue”

In addition to what the two-tone Submariner Steph Curry gave him a few weeks ago, Iggy’s watch collection includes AP Royal Oak, Panerai Luminor, and Rolex Sky-Dweller. But his choice this week was a deeper cut from the Rolex catalog: Deep Sea. Larger and stronger than the standard sub, this halopiece is water resistant to an astonishing 12,800 feet and looks particularly smooth with a gradient “D-Blue” dial.

Emma McIntyre

Garmin Enduro from Miro Ventimiglia

The dad of Hanky ​​TV, Milo Ventimiglia, was awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, one of the greatest honors in show business. That’s why Enduro features a fiber-reinforced polymer case that allows you to track the performance of mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing and trail running. All of this will help you look good in your shorts next summer.

RB / Bauer-Griffin

Knights of the Round Table Steve Harvey’s Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights III

Steve Harvey has more than just a jeweled suit and a classic GIF, his watch is more than visible. Underneath the flashy turquoise and rose gold exterior, there is a detailed 3D dial with a scale model of King Arthur’s round table, and small scale models of Arthur, Galahad and other teams are adorned with rose gold. According to a survey: Fresh!

Rafael Nadal Prep at the Australian Open wearing a Signature Million Dollar Watch

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