Quando Rondo’s tips on betrayal after being shot in Georgia


The “I Remember” rapper reports a mysterious message to his Instagram story after he and his aides allegedly rain in a bullet in a parking lot near the freeway.

Quantrond He broke the silence of social media after being shot in his hometown of Georgia over the weekend. Using his Instagram story, the rapper posted a mysterious message on Monday, May 3rd.

The 22-year-old hinted at a betrayal in his post. Read the seemingly incomplete message, “n *** a tells you that they love you and then stabs you.” His fans asked him to finish what he was about to say in the story, but instead he chose to delete the post and continue to promote the next mixtape “StillTaking Risks” using his platform. Did.

On Sunday, May 2, Rondo, whose real name is Tikian Terrell Bowman, and his aides were shot dead at a convenience store in Black Sheer. Earlier reports, the bullet was fired at around 3:20 am while in a parking lot near the highway.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the “I Remember” spitter and his group had just rushed to the store and weren’t there long before the bullets rang. Rondo was fortunately not injured in the incident, but one of his associates was allegedly shot in his hand and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police said he was not on the scene when Rondo and his aides arrived. This case is currently under investigation.

Rondo was known as notorious King vonThe nemesis before the latter passed. He recently denied involvement in a battle that broke out outside Atlanta’s nightclub, which led to Fong’s death. “I have no clue. I have never dealt with the woman he dealt with. I have never said a curse to this man,” he interviewed Angela Yi in April. Said. I know what caused the quarrel between the two crew members on that fateful night.

Rondo Crew Timothy Leaks aka Lulu Tim He was arrested in November 2020 and charged with a felony murder allegedly firing a deadly bullet at Fong. He was released in March with a $ 100,000 deposit. Rondo defended his companions by shooting songs, claiming to be protecting himself.

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