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New York (AP) — Leave it to Mel Brooks to promote his own memoirs.

With praise from Billy Crystal, Norman Lear, Conan O’Brien and others, as “M. Brooks praising” All About Me! “”: “Since the Bible, I’ve read something so powerful and inspirational. Never. And start — it’s so funny! “

Landing on the bookshelf on Tuesday, “All About Me!” Is full of stories, anecdotes, and memories from the comedy masters of Bible proportions. Brooks, 95, spent much of his pandemic writing this book. It was a year that reminded me of everything from being attacked by Tin Lizzie at the age of eight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to writing the musical version of “Producers” with Tom. Manhattan’s Madame Romaine Delyon’s Mihan over the omelet.

“Like everyone else, I’m almost stuck at home and tired of the same diet of information and food,” says Brooks. “Thank God. I was free to roam my heart.”

Brooks grew up in Williamsburg during the Great Depression (he cheerfully says “I loved the Great Depression!”), Joined the army during World War II, and all of him started in Borscht Belt. I wrote the story of the Great Depression on paper for the first time. , Sid Caesar’s “Show of Shows”, launched a 2000-year-old man with Carl Reiner, devised the greatest comic concept (“Producers”) in history, and the movie “Blazing Saddles” Was produced. “Young Frankenstein”, “High anxiety”, etc. His wife Anne Bancroft, who died in 2005, and Reiner, who died last year, have a gentle chapter. There are jokes and omelets.

Q & A: 95-year-old Mel Brooks is still riffing | Lifestyle

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