Putin signs annexation law as Russia calls US military aid to Ukraine ‘imminent threat’

Ukrainian forces push back Russian forces

Ukrainian forces continue to push back Russian troops in Donbass region


As Vladimir Putin signed into law on Wednesday, Ukraine His ambassador in Washington, part of Russia, called the US plan to provide Ukraine with an additional $625 million in military aid an “imminent threat” to Russia’s strategic interests. said the continued supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine cemented “Washington’s status as a participant in the conflict.”

The latest American military aid package for Ukraine, announced on Tuesdayincludes an additional ‘HIMARS’ advanced rocket system (a weapon believed to help the nation gain momentum against Russian occupying forces), as well as other artillery systems, ammunition, and armored vehicles. increase.

“The supply of military goods by the United States and its allies not only entails protracted bloodshed and new casualties, but also increases the risk of direct military conflict between Russia and the West,” said Anatoly Antonov of Russia. The ambassador said in a Telegram messaging app, “We call on Washington to stop its provocative actions that could lead to the most serious consequences.”

Russian forces have suffered heavy losses in recent days on battlefields in southern and eastern Ukraine — areas that Russia now claims as part of its territory.

CIA director: Putin could be ‘dangerous and reckless’


Putin on Wednesday signed a law passed by Russia’s rubber stamp parliament to formally annex four regions of Ukraine following a “referendum” staged by Moscow in the region. These referendums were denounced by the international community as fake, and the United Nations Secretary General Ukraine, the United States, and many other countries dismissed the move as blatantly illegal land grabbing.

Despite the Kremlin’s claims to the territory, Ukraine has recently regained more and more territory in at least two regions Russia has declared control of.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared four regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson – that “they will be with Russia forever.”

Peskov said there was “absolutely no contradiction” in the Russian leader’s territorial claims, even as Russian forces were being pushed back from the front lines they had maintained for months in southern and eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine advance fuels fears of Russian escalation


Ukrainian forces have recaptured more villages south of Kherson on Wednesday and announced that the Ukrainian flag has flown over seven recently recaptured villages from Russian occupation, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, there were multiple explosions on Wednesday in Vila Tserkva, a city 50 miles south of the capital Kyiv. A local Ukrainian official said the explosion appeared to have been caused by a suicide drone launched by the Russian military. Russia has reportedly been using such Iranian-made drones in recent weeks. Drones laden with explosives can dive in to hit their targets and remain airborne for long periods of time before detonating at the last moment.

https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/news/ukraine-news-putin-annexation-laws-russia-us-military-aid-immediate-threat/ Putin signs annexation law as Russia calls US military aid to Ukraine ‘imminent threat’

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