Putin missing Russia in Ukraine – watch out for bigger disasters to come

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Speaking before Congress on Wednesday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reminded U.S. politicians that the war in Ukraine is far away. Still, Americans want to know what to expect in the coming weeks. The question is an important question, but it is only a partial one.

Three weeks into the conflict in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is no closer to achieving his political goals than when he began. Now it is clear to everyone, including Putin, that the decision to invade Ukraine was the biggest mistake of his career.

President Vladimir Putin used state media to spread the Kremlin’s message.

It is not difficult to see why the Russian dictator was so optimistic when the conflict began. Putin’s other policies in Crimea and the Middle East, even in the absence of serious opposition from the West, have increased his confidence in the Russian military.

The high cost of energy, meanwhile, predicted that half of Europe would react to the coming anger. And like all authoritarians, Putin is surrounded by other men, not real planners.

PRESIDENT BIDEN, GIVES Russia a clear red line on weapons of mass destruction in UKRAINE.

But things did not go as planned for the Kremlin. The West issued a strong and united response, which hurt the Russian economy and intensified resistance in Ukraine. Most of all, the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, which amazed our own intellectual community, confirmed a struggle for the Russian army.

What Putin considered a quick victory has become a tragedy that explains the century and the quagmire. However, this is not the time to hit ourselves in the back. There are more disasters than ever – for Ukraine, but also for the United States and the world.

Politicians need to realize that Putin’s patience is much higher now than it was a month ago, or a week ago. Powerful dictators cannot rest peacefully. Moreover, every major change of government in Russia before winning the war. Faced with a setback, Putin is likely to escalate the struggle – to increase the number of civilians, to direct global aid channels, to increase his cyberwarfare – to regain purchasing power.

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“Escalate to deescalate” is a core of Russia’s war theory that we are seeing in real time, with the rising deaths of women and children. This week, journalists around the world, including Americans, were wounded by Russian gunfire, and many died from their injuries. With Putin growing so much, we probably expect attacks like this to take place. No one is safe.

But that doesn’t mean Putin will get a veto on what the U.S. can and can’t do to help Ukraine. On the other hand, it is the fact that journalists are clearly talking to Putin as the escalation of conflict and harassment of Americans will only have serious consequences for the military and the administration. wealth of Russia.

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The Biden administration must send more weapons to Ukraine, as demanded by Republicans earlier this week. It should also be clarified that while we do not seek a public outcry, we will not impose sanctions or stop the supply of weapons to Kyiv unless the Kremlin agrees to a resolution to protect. and to national power and democracy.

The nature of the fighting in Ukraine cannot be predicted. Much of it was in the hands of one man, a man who continued to send Russian children to die for no apparent reason. One thing’s for sure, though – man can’t really win. The Biden administration must continue to explain, hoping that Putin will realize he is lost.

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Putin missing Russia in Ukraine – watch out for bigger disasters to come

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