Puerto Rico Camacho-Quin keeps the United States off track

The women’s 100m hurdles felt like an event that finally broke the series of events in which the United States failed to win a gold medal on a Japanese truck.

Japan, Tokyo — Puerto Rico’s Jasmine Camacho Quinn powers ahead of US Kendra Harrison in the women’s 100-meter hurdles on Monday, causing confusion and leaving the United States out of the line of victory at the Olympic athletics competition Did.

Kamachoquin finished in 12.37 seconds and achieved a .15 second victory (explosion in such a short race) against world record holder Harrison. Jamaica’s Megan Simon finished in 3rd place.

Puerto Rico, a US territory competing under its own flag at the Olympics, has won one more track gold medal than the deepest team at the Olympics as the tournament approaches its midpoint.

The best time for Camachoquin to compete in the Olympics was 12.38. She ran 12.26 in the semi-finals, ranking fourth in history.

Harrison is the first list in its history. Her world record is 12.2.

The accumulation on that mark in 2016 was awkward. She finished fourth in the Olympic trial and was denied a trip to Rio de Janeiro. A few weeks later, she traveled to London to set a world record and went home to see Americans dominate the podium.

Given that, Harrison said silver felt like a victory.

“To miss Rio and come to the first Olympics to win a silver medal. Of course, everyone wants a gold medal, but I’m back on the stage of this world and it’s getting better and better.” She says. Said.

2016 Sweep Americans Brianna Rollins-McNeil, Nia Ali and Kristi Castlin weren’t in Tokyo, but this was finally a series of events in which the United States failed to win a gold medal on a Japanese truck. It felt like a defeated event.

They won three of the last four women’s 100-meter hurdles at the tournament, including the 2008 Shocker by Dawn Harper, after all the accumulation was directed to Lolo Jones.

It speaks to the depth of American hurdles.

After all, Puerto Rico is also taking advantage of that talent. Camacho Jones, whose brother Robert plays in the NFL, was born in South Carolina and attended college in Kentucky. She was eligible to run for Puerto Rico. Because it is the birthplace of her mother.

Harrison also went to Kentucky, and although they didn’t overlap there, they trained together in the past.

“I felt like I used to be today. I feel like I’m training again,” Harrison said. “I knew she was going to bring her” A “game. I had to bring mine. “

She did, but nonetheless, teams that hold all the Olympics with great hope may need to reset their expectations.

Also, on Monday morning, Juborn Harrison finished 7th in the long jump and 5th in the long jump on Sunday night. The long jump gold went to the Greek Miltia Distent Glow.

At the beginning of the week, the United States was locked out of the Women’s 100 and won Silver (Fred Kerley) in the Men’s 100. This is the final where Trayvon Bromell didn’t even qualify after gaining money.

The United States did not have a clear favorite in the men’s obstacle race and the women’s discus and the next night’s session where medals were issued at 5,000 meters.

Its 5,000-meter race features Dutch Sifan Hassan. Hassan ran in a 1,500-meter heat during the morning session and fell. Not only did she finish the race, she scooped herself up to win it altogether.

Puerto Rico Camacho-Quin keeps the United States off track

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