Proponents want Biden to push the gun bill forward, but the outlook is daunting

Washington – After President Joe Biden’s huge COVID-19 bailout bill passed parliament, he delivered a golden-time speech to the country and presided over the Rose Garden Ceremony.

But not as many as the White House’s statement after the White House passed a bill requiring a background check on gun purchases, which has been a staple of the Democratic Party for decades.

Biden’s view of gun control evolved with his party — at one point he was reluctant to impose too many restrictions opposed by blue-collar Democrats — guns after a series of mass shootings. An almost unanimous call to do something about violence.


In the early months of President Biden, even popular proposals such as background checks have clouded his list of priorities and their outlook in the Senate.

Two bills that passed the House of Representatives last week expanded background checks on gun purchases. This is the first important move on gun control since the Democratic Party ruled both Congress and the White House.

These are one of the many major bills promoted by Democrats in recent weeks, including legislation that expands voting rights and supports union organizations, which is currently facing an uncertain fate in the Senate. Proponents of the background check bill want Biden to be more actively involved.

Senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat who has led the Senate to promote gun control, said:


Biden was more conservative on gun issues early in his Senate career, but in the mid-1990s he helped pass the Brady bill, which mandates a federal background survey of gun purchases, including a decade of offensive weapons in 1994. Created a crime bill for the year. Ban.

Biden embraced a broad gun control agenda during the presidential campaign, in favor of an assault weapon ban and repurchase program that was once considered highly controversial and inactive in split parliament. I did.

On the third anniversary of school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month, Biden reiterated his support for such measures and asked the National Rifle Association to label gun rights “more and more hostile.” Prompted.

“Today, I require Congress to check the background of all gun sales, ban offensive weapons and large magazines, and immunize gun manufacturers who deliberately place war weapons in our city. We are calling for the enactment of a common-sense amendment to the Gun Law, including the elimination of, “Weiden said in a statement.


However, the bill, which had just passed the House of Representatives, received a small amount of GOP support there and faced a much tougher path in the Senate. There, 10 Republicans had to join 50 Democrats and all nonpartisans to head for the passage.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, who sponsored one of the bills, suggested that the Democratic Party should lift the 60-vote threshold to pass the bill.

“I think it’s time to get rid of the filibuster,” Cliburn said in an interview.

But, like Biden himself, several Democrats have expressed opposition to reforming filibuster. It leaves gun control supporters in the hope that the politics of gun control will shift sufficiently and more Republicans will be able to accept the law claiming to be widely popular with the American people.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. The Democrats are hoping to step up when the Republicans are put in place, as they have promised to vote on the background check bill.


They are also encouraged by the diminishing influence of the NRA, which filed for bankruptcy this year, after being spent by gun control groups for the first time during the 2018 elections.

“I think the detonation of NRA, the growing support among the American people, and the inevitability of increased support give us unprecedented opportunities,” D-Conn said. Senator Richard Blumenthal said last week. “What has changed is that we have a president who can put pressure on our colleagues.”

Many of Biden’s gun control agendas are unlikely to pass in an evenly divided Senate, but some of his proposals can be achieved by prioritizing resources within the federal government. .. Biden, for example, proposed instructing the FBI to notify state and local law enforcement agencies if a person trying to buy a gun fails a background check. He also said he would ask his Attorney General to find a way to better enforce gun control.


However, the Biden administration has not yet shown how the president himself will be involved. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden is looking forward to working with Congress to “advance priorities, including the removal of the gun manufacturer’s liability shield.” She added that she “looks for opportunities to engage” in the background check bill.

Democrats are still facing political headwinds. According to a Gallup survey last November, 57% of Americans wanted stricter gun control, while recording the lowest number of approvals since 2016.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia have been working together for years to find a compromise in background checks.


In a statement, Toomy’s office continued to support Senator’s previous bipartisan proposal with Manchin, but “protected the rights of gun owners to comply with the law, with narrower measures in question. Only if we do can make progress on this issue. “

Still, supporters say they want to see some movement in the end, with the mostly unified Democrats and Presidents on their side.

Everytown USA President John Feinblatt specifically noted the Democratic victory in mid-2018 while running openly for gun control as evidence of political change.

“The Democratic Party controls the White House and both parliaments. The NRA is the weakest form to date,” he said. “It turns out that gun safety law is not only a good policy to save lives, but also a good politics.”


The Associated Press writer Mary Claire Jaronic contributed to this report.

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Proponents want Biden to push the gun bill forward, but the outlook is daunting

Source link Proponents want Biden to push the gun bill forward, but the outlook is daunting

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