Propgun causes controversy after cinematographer dies on set

An aerial photograph of a movie set in Bonanza Creek Ranch. Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, injuring him when he fired a propeller gun in the movie set for the movie “Last” in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. This frame was shot from the television footage of October 21, 2021.KOBTV News / Distributions via Reuters

October 23, 2021

By Gabriella Borter

(Reuters)-Shooting deaths rekindle with the use of prop guns like weapons actor Alec Baldwin, who was released when he killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while filming a movie in New Mexico. bottom.

Some prop guns are non-firing facsimile weapons, but many are real guns and are loaded with blanks instead of bullets.

The exact type of weapon used in the shooting on the “rust” set was unknown, but an affidavit filed by the New Mexican authorities on Friday put the film’s assistant director on the table by the armor shop3. He said he grabbed one of the two guns.

The assistant director took the gun to Baldwin, handed it to the actor and shouted “cold gun,” and “the prop gun had no live ammunition,” the affidavit said.

Prop guns have long been used in sets for realistic visual effects of flash and recoil after the actor has triggered. Guns with empty cartridges that have no bullets but use gunpowder can be fatal at close range.

For productions that use prop guns, a weapon handler or armorer is designated to monitor the weapon in the set and regularly check that the desired material is loaded only when necessary, in the industry. Follow the rules to ensure safe use by actors https: // www .csatf.org / wp-content / uploads / 2018/05/01 FIREARMS.pdf and experts.

Film and television director Ben Rock told Reuters in an interview.

Locke said he has been driving the use of blank launches for years, replacing the “gritty realism” it brings by using airsoft guns and adding visual effects in post-production. Insisted that it could be done.

“Why is it worth the risk?” Locke said. “We also pretend to be everything else. I don’t know why we can’t pretend about this either.”

According to Santa Fe of the New Mexico Department of Security, he has not been charged with the deadly shooting of Hutchins and the injury of Sousa on Thursday https://www.reuters.com/world/us/alec-baldwin-fired-prop -gun -that-killed-crew-member-movie-set-authorities-2021-10-22, and the investigation remains open. The sheriff’s office said Baldwin fired a prop firearm.

Baldwin is a co-producer and actor of the Western “Rust” set in Kansas in the 1880s.

Rick Pallaziol, who owns a company called Weapons of Choice and has been leasing prop weapons to TV, movie and theater clients for about 30 years, was worried that he could fire a bullet into filmmaking more than 20 years ago. Said that he stopped renting. About the risks associated with empty cartridges. Even with the rules in place, he said a short revocation of alertness after a long day on the set could be fatal.

“Protocols alone are not enough,” Pallaziol told Reuters. “Someone really has to be afraid of the moment the gun goes out, and when he sees the gun pointing in the wrong direction, he has to shout out a bloody murder before anything happens.”

Ken Sung-kin, a professor of performing arts at the University of San Francisco and a specialist in sword fighting, said it would be difficult to reproduce the sensory effects of firing blanks with sound effects. But he added that Hutchins’ death could give the director a pause https://www.reuters.com/world/us/hollywood-remembers-cinematographer-halyna-hutchins-immense-talent-2021 -10-22 / #: ~: text = Oct% 2022% 20 (Reuters)% 20-% 20A, Baldwin% 20on% 20a% 20movie% 20set.

“I think we in the industry will be asked to reinvest in safety protocols and perhaps revisit them,” said Sonkin.

(Report by Gabriella Borter, edited by Donna Bryson, David Gregorio, Daniel Wallis)

Propgun causes controversy after cinematographer dies on set

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