Progressive policies that allow increased crime must be stopped – voters in these cities say “enough!”.

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As White House spokesman Jen Psaki suggested, the wave of violent crimes that hit our country has nothing to do with COVID-19, but it’s all about law enforcement in our major cities. It has to do with progressive Democrats who restrain.

this. Must. Stop.

Policies to reduce what the Democrats call “mass imprisonment” are mostly promulgated in lies, including loose bail without cash and misdemeanors such as shoplifting, so it must be stopped. It will not be.

There are many flaws in the American cash bail system, here is a better solution

The Left makes us believe that hundreds of thousands of people, disproportionately colored individuals, are unfairly trapped for nonviolent crime. In addition, activists argue that releasing such criminals does not pose a threat to the general public.

Neither of these statements is true. First, some people in state and federal prisons are there for crimes classified as “nonviolent,” not necessarily because they were arrested for nonviolent crimes. That is often because they settled on less crime. About 94% of people in jail have not been tried by a jury, but have agreed to a judicial transaction.

For example, a criminal charged with armed robbery can plead guilty to possession of a deadly weapon, seeking less punishment. Drug sellers may sue for possession of illegal substances. In a small federal prison system that held 226,000 people in 2020, more than 99% of those sentenced to drugs were accused of trafficking as well as possession, according to a 2015 study. I did. This is how the system works.

In any case, most people in jail are there for good reason. Of the 1.3 million people imprisoned in the state prison system in 2020, more than half (713,000) were detained for violent crimes. This includes 183,000 for murder and 165,000 for rape and sexual assault. There were only 45,000 people for drug possession.

We must stop this madness by selecting candidates who promise to protect law-abiding citizens.

With regard to the wisdom of releasing those accused of violent crimes, we know that recidivism is enormous. Almost every day, someone already charged with violent crime is committing another huge wrongdoing, as was accused of the murder of Walkisha. We have one of the highest recidivism rates in the world. 76.6% of prisoners will be re-arrested within 5 years.

Undoubtedly, some people have been put in jail for the wrong reason or have been sentenced excessively. It is also true that it can be unfair to keep people in jail because they cannot afford to pay bail. Prosecutors and judges must do a better job of distinguishing between those who are at risk to society and those who are not.

The Walkisha driver has paid $ 1,000 on bail, has a history of violence, and was recently arrested for being overrun by his child’s mother. Someone’s head should roll to allow him to return to the street.

Our entire criminal justice system is arguably struggling to protect a small portion of individuals who happen to be accused or in the wrong place at the wrong time. The willingness to abolish cash bail and not arrest people for misdemeanors such as urinating in public, even in some murders, means that our city is dirty and unsafe. To do.

We must stop this madness by selecting candidates who promise to protect law-abiding citizens. It may have already happened.

In New York City, one of the first cities to corrupt law enforcement and experience a surge in crime, former police officer Eric Adams has made progress by fulfilling his promise to restore public safety. Defeated a typical challenger. Among other policies, he defended “stop, ask, be active” and said that this approach would reduce crime, saying it was done properly.

Similarly, Atlanta citizens recently elected reversal candidates who promised to deal with the city’s crime surge by increasing the number of police officers and chasing gangsters in landslides. In Atlanta, homicides have increased by 59% compared to 2019. Voters said, “It’s enough!”

These are promising achievements and we hope to see more in the future. However, public policy also needs to address the true “root cause” of our crime problem. And don’t make mistakes – we have problems.

Widespread looting in our big cities is angry and will push prices up as businesses incur high costs. As Saki suggests, thieves have nothing to do with poverty caused by a pandemic. Retailers report that these are well-organized attacks on businesses by increasingly violent gangsters who know they do little harm when caught.

Murder is also out of control.

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The homicide rate in the United States is five times higher than in Germany, which is based on 2018 statistics. US murders increased by 29% in 2019. In 2019, the city of Baltimore had a homicide rate of 58.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. What is the homicide rate in Nigeria, a country that the State Department has declared too dangerous to visit? 34.5.

It is true that African Americans and, if not so much, Hispanics are disproportionately imprisoned in the United States. That’s because they are committing more violent crimes. To make a difference, we have to deal with some serious shortcomings, including obvious education.

In many cities, our public schools are unable to educate minority children. As Eric Adams recently said, “65 percent of black and brown children do not meet the Ministry of Education proficiency.” Minority children are unable to read or do math. How can you sometimes expect to be an independent and productive member of society?

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There are other issues that may help stop violent crimes, such as improving the care of people with mental illness.

But simply not enforcing the law and letting criminals take over our city is not the answer, and Americans should not support it.

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Progressive policies that allow increased crime must be stopped – voters in these cities say “enough!”.

Source link Progressive policies that allow increased crime must be stopped – voters in these cities say “enough!”.

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