Professor Dorian Abbott: I canceled admission on the basis of merit

In the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” the host spoke with Dorian Abbot, a professor of geophysics at the University of Chicago.

Abbott claimed on Wednesday that he had canceled a lecture that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would give there, but not on the basis of malicious things like scandals or academic records, but because of his philosophical view:

The Abbott described by the host is a PhD. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University and a degree in applied mathematics.

“He replied [to MIT] Co-authoring an editorial at Newsweek in August revealed that kind of problem, “he said, reading aloud from Abbott’s personal values.

And you write: Ideas for my group. “

“I value diversity,” Abbott replied – he disagrees with the claim of discrimination.

“So if I develop a theory, I’m a theorist. If I develop a theory, I make predictions and someone tests it-and I’m sometimes wrong. I actually A lot of wrong. It’s not-it’s okay. As long as you come up with creative and new ideas, it’s wrong. “

Abbott was first wary of the collapse of large-scale written politeness and discourse at his college and Illinois in 2020.

“”[O]On campus, I was uncomfortable with the diversity, variety, diversity, fairness, and inclusion efforts that seemed to discriminate against certain groups of people. And it felt that it did not treat them as individuals worthy of dignity and respect. And for me, it must be the basis of the moral system we are implementing. “

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“And that means I was uncomfortable with the idealism that discouraged discourse, because when you can’t talk to the other side, your only reliance is violence. [to them]”Abbott added.

Abbott further explained that he was over-targeted as not, pointing out that he was helping underprivileged people in several ways, including teaching high school at night for those who were imprisoned. bottom.

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Professor Dorian Abbott: I canceled admission on the basis of merit

Source link Professor Dorian Abbott: I canceled admission on the basis of merit

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