Prince William and Harry do not walk side by side for Prince Phillip’s funeral


Royal aides claim that the procession order has nothing to do with family tensions, as details of the next royal funeral of Prince Edinburgh have been revealed.

Prince William Never walk alongside his brother Prince Harry To Prince phillipThe funeral procession of the royal family confirmed.

Brothers, who have endured tense relationships in recent years, reportedly could overcome their differences and stand on the united front in honor of their late grandfather at his private monument on Saturday (17Apr21). But a spokesman for Buckingham Palace revealed that it wasn’t.

Instead, William will be paired with their cousin, Princess Anneson of Peter phillips, Harry is walking behind them together David Armstrong Jones, The late son Princess Margaret To my nephew Queen Elizabeth II, When they escort the casket of Duke of Edinburgh to the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle at 2:45 pm BST.

However, royal aides claim that the procession order has nothing to do with the reported family tensions.

“It was a real change, not a signal,” the representative explained Thursday.

“This is a funeral and we are not drawn into the perception of the drama. The arrangements have been agreed and represent His Majesty’s wishes.”

Meanwhile, authorities also require the Queen to sit alone in the chapel once, all 30 guests to wear face masks, and to sit in socially distant seats at a reduced ceremony to prevent coronavirus. I shared that there is. It will start at 3 pm BST.

At the request of the Queen, members of the royal family are expected to abandon their uniforms for “mourning” when giving their final respect to Prince Edinburgh.

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