Prime Minister’s adviser Dominique Cummings, who asked the government for “normal” technical skills, leaves 10th place

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Dominique Cummings, the prime minister’s controversial senior adviser who led plans to hire more computer scientists, software developers, and “super talented weirdos” into the government, is leaving Downing Street.

Cummings re-entered the government as chief adviser to Boris Johnson, who was Michael Gove’s special adviser to the Ministry of Education when he became prime minister last July. Cummings led a well-known voting leave campaign and led a civil service reform program, including taking office in 2019 with the goal of “achieving Brexit” and focusing on improving Whitehall’s technical skills.

In a blog post earlier this year, Cummings called on “rare” computer scientists, data scientists, and software developers to work in 10th place alongside “eccentrics and incompatibility.”

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In a classified ad posted on his personal blog in January, Cummings said, among other things, “abnormal mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and data scientists” as part of a plan to revolutionize the way the government works. Said he wanted to fill the gap in expertise.

Cummings also famously claimed that the concept of a permanent civil servant was a “history book idea,” but his own departure was reported by both the BBC and Sky News this morning by Secretary of Transportation Grant Shaps. It was confirmed.

Mr. Cummings has been at the center of formulating a civil servant reform plan that began in earnest after winning the Conservative Party elections last December. In his January blog, he said: “It’s clear that improving government requires significant improvements in project management. The first project is to improve the people and skills that are already here.”

However, this post is also in the form of a classified ad and is intended for applicants with a PhD or Master’s degree in math or physics and “excellent” math skills. Experience sending him emails using programming languages ​​such as Python, SQL and R, and languages ​​familiar with data tools and technologies such as Postgres, Neo4j and ScikitLearn.

Applicants were expected to “have an extraordinary academic background from one of the best universities in the world, or have done something that demonstrates equal (or better) talent and skills.”

“Because we use machine learning and related tools, it’s important to be able to program. No software development-level programming is required, but it’s an advantage.”

It’s not known how many people were hired through a rare classified ad that Cummings asked people to email him personally-but two of the hired people are now leaving the government. It is known that

Data specialist Will O’Shea, who joined Government Digital Service after replying to Cummings’ January blog post, was fired after a tweet suggesting police should fire at Black Lives Matter protesters.

Self-proclaimed “super forecaster” Andrew Savisky was ranked 10th as an advisor earlier this year, but resigned within a few weeks after discovering online comments on topics such as race, benefits and women’s sports. Did. This included posts suggesting that there was a genetic racial difference in intelligence and that black Americans had lower IQs than white Americans.

Prime Minister’s adviser Dominique Cummings, who asked the government for “normal” technical skills, leaves 10th place

Source link Prime Minister’s adviser Dominique Cummings, who asked the government for “normal” technical skills, leaves 10th place

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