Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged to announce the mission of battery development

Concerned about the possibility of a power crisis due to a shortage of coal supply to various power plants in Japan IndiaThe Graduate Engineer Forum advocates a long-term strategy to overcome the crisis, focusing on non-fossil fuel power (renewable energy) projects.

All Assam Engineers Associations (AAEA) endorse national solar PV (for private consumption) in their statements.

The forum especially urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Take a personal interest in encouraging scientists to develop more efficient energy stores (reading batteries) as a national mission to overcome the crisis forever.

Since electricity cannot be stored after production for future use, it is necessary to develop a scientific arrangement for storing energy for a longer period of time, and AAEA is not only for more than 1 billion Indians, but also He insisted that it would solve the power crisis. The whole human race.

I can mention Allied government As the holiday season has just begun across populated countries, we have recently begun serious discussions about imminent emergencies.

Energy-intensive states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamirnadu are in serious danger of the authorities cautiously demanding electricity from consumers. It has been identified as being affected.

According to India’s central power authorities, about 75% of the country’s 135 coal-fired power plants coal From the mine for several reasons.

Coal India Limited, a government-run coal producer, assumes that demand for electricity is growing rapidly due to nearly normal households and other economic activities following the blockade of Corona.

Thermal coal accounts for nearly 70% of Bharat’s electricity generation. The country must import large amounts of “black gold” from Indonesia, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mozambique and more.

India has a large reserve of coal, but the quality of heating is relatively low, making it the third largest coal importer in the world.

However, the government is now steadily reducing coal imports.

“The electricity produced by coal-fired power projects is always expensive and will increase further with environmental impact. Therefore, the government will gradually reduce the use of coal and gas (running turbines to ultimately generate electricity). We need to consider initiating the activation of other means of power generation, “said Er Kailash Sarma, president of AAEA, adding the price of renewable energies such as solar and wind power. Electricity will be cheaper in the next few days.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi first appeared in TechGraph, urging him to announce his mission to develop batteries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged to announce the mission of battery development

Source link Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged to announce the mission of battery development

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