Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski reacts to rumors of lip injection

Emily Ratajkowski is open about her pregnant body — and rumors that it is plagued.

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The model, hoping for her first child with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, read an Instagram article on Friday, January 22nd to discuss her pregnancy.

Ratajkowski began by responding to her followers who told her to stop it with a lip injection. “I have never had lip injections (I don’t know who to do-you all look good!), But you can’t even inject during pregnancy! Women’s blood volume increases by 50% . I have a slight swelling on my face and lips during pregnancy. “

A 29-year-old woman who is more than eight months pregnant has also been involved with believers who feel “forever” pregnant. “LOL Yes, the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. This may definitely feel like a long time, but I announced it in the middle of my pregnancy. Only three months have passed since then!” She also said. Disagreeing with the perceived length, he noted that it passed very quickly for her.

Even on the beaches and boats lined with palm trees, Ratajkowski, who spent the last days of pregnancy, had the opportunity to focus on how grateful he was for his physical changes.

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“I realized that I had a whole new perception of what my body could do and how beautiful it was,” she writes. “If you feel like it, I’ll celebrate here.”

The actress has been looking back on this season for her since she first announced her pregnancy. In an October Vogue essay, she touched on the loneliness of pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is lonely in nature. Whatever the situation, what a woman does in her body. A loving partner and many female friends are ready to share the details of their pregnancy. Nevertheless, I am ultimately alone. My body in this experience, “she wrote. “Nobody is here feel It’s with me. It’s the sharp muscle pain in my lower abdomen that comes out of nowhere when I’m watching a movie, and the painful weight in my chest that first greets me every morning. My husband has no physical symptoms during “our” pregnancy. This reminds us of how different life experiences women and men have. “

A post by pregnant Emily Ratajkowski in response to rumors of lip injections was first posted on Wonderwall.com.

Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski reacts to rumors of lip injection

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