Preachers blame “white wrath” Republicans at a rally attended by progressive Democrats

A preacher with a history of controversial remarks accused “White Rage” Republican At a rally attended by several progressives Democratic Party on Wednesday.

Founder of Rev. George C. Gilbert, Jr. Center for racial equality and justiceRemarked at a rally in support of the Democratic-backed House bill, For the People Act. Scholars raise concerns about the First Amendment.

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Gilbert referred to the history of American slavery: “Every time we come to a place of progress, a place where we can stand on our feet, we encounter a downpour of the power of white anger. The work progresses. Is to push back. ”

The left wing is relied on Racial appeal To get the support of the bill.

Gilbert said in a speech that the crowd had gathered to “request” the United States to clean “her dirty clothes.” Lost and left behind. “

“In the devastating storm of spiritual, political and cultural chaos, we are deeply upset at this historic moment today by the overwhelming and awkward dynamics that are concentrated on God’s people. “For some, this storm suddenly appeared with the birth of former President Donald Trump’s administration,” Gilbert said.

“It is the wrath of whites to strategize against our community whenever black men, black women, and God’s abolitionists are held accountable,” Gilbert said. “Morality and value. It is the right-wing Republican politicians who want the country of view. “

“The truth about the truth is that white anger responds to all civil rights movements in the United States,” said the minister, referring to the 1921 Tulsa riot and the crack epidemic, both “white.” Said that it was caused by “anger”.

The pastor has a history of incendiary remarks.

He wrote anti-Israeli Blog post In October 2016, with the title “Who is the real Jew?” And the subheader “Why slaves from the transatlantic slave trade are chosen by God,” he described the Jews as “scammers.” called.

“The world has spent a lot of energy and time painting the white-skinned humans of the Caucasus Mountains as God’s chosen people. America and others steal land from the Palestinian people. I created it and named it “The State of the State”. “Israel,” wrote Gilbert.

“This was a Zionist / Jewish move, but they know who they really are,” the preacher continued. “Except for these people, other races, cultures and religions do not end themselves with’ish’.

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In his post, Gilbert wrote that people “do not say we are black, Christian, or Muslim,” and if “something is bluish,” what is it? Said that it means similar to.

“The same principles apply to Jews, but because they are special people of God, they have been deceived to be able to do what they want and say what they want to say.” “In fact, these are the people of the Caucasus Mountains who chose Judaism over Muslims, or Christianity for security. They are scammers.”

Several progressives from both Houses of Parliament spoke at a Wednesday rally outside the Supreme Court.

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Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y .; Amy Crobcher, D-Minn .; Bob Casey, D-Pen. Elizabeth Warren, Democrat. Sheldon Whitehouse, DR.I .; and Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. In addition, Rep Mondea Jones, DN.Y .; Sharice Davids, R-Ks., And John Sarbanes, D-Md.

Instead of commenting, Gilbert sent Fox News a copy of what he said from Wednesday.

Congressmen did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment by the press time.

Preachers blame “white wrath” Republicans at a rally attended by progressive Democrats

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