Post Malone ends concert after falling off stage, bruising ribs

post malone He may not feel like a “rock star,” but he has the showmanship of a rock star.

The Grammy-nominated singer, who is currently on the “Twelve Carat” tour, injured a rib on stage during a concert in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday. The singer tripped over a hole in the stage and fell. According to a fan video of the performance shared on social media.

According to TikTok users Kelly MannoMalone, who attended the concert, looked like he “couldn’t even get off the stage.”

“After about eight to ten minutes, they were able to wake him up and help him off the stage,” the TikTok user added.

Malone eventually didn’t miss a beat despite the trouble. He took a sip of it,” completing the setlist.

Malone opened up about the accident in a video posted to Twitter on Sunday, thanking his fans for “giving them patience.”

“Thank you for putting up with my silly words (expletives).” Malone said. “Anytime I do an acoustic part of the show, the guitar is on the guitar stand and it’s down and there’s this big (expletive) hole.

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Although “pretty tired” from the fall, Malone said after returning from the hospital, “everything is fine.”

“They gave me some painkillers and everything so I could keep kicking[the swearing]on tour,” the rapper said. I want to say thank you so much for coming to

He continues:

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Maron’s manager Dre London We also shared a status update on the condition of the rapper earlier Sunday.

“All rest in peace, Post Malone thank goodness he didn’t break three ribs last night,” London wrote. “I had an x-ray done[in the hospital]after the show and they said he had a bruise on his ribs! In true fan-loving Posty fashion, he finished the show! I don’t really know an artist like

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