Portugal disbands military-led COVID team

Lisbon, Portugal-Portugal is disbanding its military-led vaccine task force after nearly reaching its goal of fully inoculating COVID-19 with 85% of its population.

The task force, led by a senior naval officer in the NATO building near Lisbon for the past eight months, will be replaced by three teams reporting to the Ministry of Health.

According to Our World in Data, Portugal’s vaccination drive e is the most advanced in the world, with 84.88% of Portugal’s 10.3 million people receiving injections.

Portugal has lifted most of its pandemic restrictions since Friday.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa said that many deserve praise for the country’s rapid vaccine deployment, but he cited the acceptance of Portuguese vaccination as the main reason for its success.

Portugal has no significant vaccination movement and is one of the major European Union countries in terms of vaccination against diseases such as measles and influenza.



Pandemic Details:

— European immunization situation story of two regions

— World Bank cuts growth prospects in Asia and calls for anti-virus measures

— The U.S. Court of Appeals has allowed New York City to impose a teacher’s vaccination obligation

— Japan lifts all coronavirus emergency measures nationwide


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What else is happening:

Islamabad-Pakistan’s Planning Minister says the government will launch a campaign to vaccinate children over the age of 12 to protect them from the coronavirus.

The announcement by Planning Minister Asad Umar was made on Tuesday as COVID-19 deaths are steadily declining nationwide.

Umar said in a tweet that the government would soon launch a campaign to vaccinate children at school. He didn’t give the exact date.

Pakistan currently offers free vaccination to teens and adults.

On Tuesday, the country reported 41 COVID-19 deaths and 1,400 new cases in the last 24 hours. It was the first time since July that Pakistan confirmed less than 1,500 cases a day.


Sydney — Victoria, Australia, recorded more coronavirus infections than New South Wales for the first time since the outbreak of the delta mutation began in Sydney in June.

Victoria is Australia’s second most populous state, and on Tuesday the capital of Melbourne reported 867 new viral cases and four deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.


This was the highest number of infections and deaths per day in Victoria in recent outbreaks. The previous high number of infections in Victoria was 847, which was reported on Saturday.

New South Wales, the most populous state and home to Sydney, reported 863 new infections and 7 deaths on Tuesday. Due to the increase in vaccination, daily infections have peaked in the state.

Sydney has been closed since June 26th and Melbourne has been closed since August 5th.


Wellington, New Zealand — New Zealand has relaxed its travel ban in Auckland six weeks after the blockade of the country’s most populous city due to the coronavirus.

People can cross city boundaries from Monday night if they want to relocate permanently, share long-term care arrangements, or return home. People leaving Auckland on a long-term care trip must be tested for the virus within a week of departure.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the pandemic restriction system “is currently doing its job”, giving it more flexibility.


The city reported eight new infections in the last 24 hours on Tuesday. Auckland was locked down on August 17 after a Delta variant leaked from a hotel quarantine from a New Zealander returning from Sydney.

Pandemic restrictions elsewhere in New Zealand are only mandatory mask wear.


New York — The Federal Court of Appeals states that the City of New York may require teachers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

A committee of three judges from the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals acted at the end of Monday to lift the temporary order issued on Friday.

The mandate was set to take effect on Monday for city school teachers and other employees. The Appeals Commission’s ruling reinstated the delegation.

The teacher’s lawyer said he would seek intervention from the US Supreme Court. One lawyer said: Our children remain unsafe in teachers and schools. “



Sacramento, California — A federal judge has ordered all employees in California prisons to be vaccinated or to receive religious or medical exemptions.

The order aims to stop the outbreak of another coronavirus that killed 28 inmates and corrective officers in San Quentin State Prison last year.

The order also requires that inmates wishing to visit directly, or inmates working outside the prison, including the inmate’s firefighters, are also fully vaccinated or have a religious or medical exemption. ..

A union of prison guards has stated that they may appeal.

More than 50,000 California prisoners were infected with the coronavirus and at least 240 died of COVID-19.

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Portugal disbands military-led COVID team

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