Portland police demand clear streets at barricade homes

Portland, Oregon. – Friday’s Portland police chief begged protesters to clear the streets around barricade homes owned by blacks and indigenous peoples before the predatory lending practice took place.

Before dawn on Tuesday, a sheriff’s agent stormed the disputed house and arrested several, primarily for breach. Activists who had been involved in the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland for months arrived at the scene and confronted law enforcement officers who had withdrawn.

“Employees of the Portland Police Department are working hard behind the scenes to do everything they can with their partners and community members to resolve the situation safely,” said Chuck Label, police chief. Said. “The PPB is calling on the people behind the barricade to dismantle or leave the barricade.”

Activists used fences, timber, and other materials to barricade around homes in the area of ​​gentrification homes, coffee shops, and restaurants, which were historically black neighborhoods. I built it. Protesters also placed homemade spike strips, rock piles, and thick bands of plastic wrap that stretched to neck height across the road to keep law enforcement officers out.

A real estate investor who currently owns a Red House has offered to sell it back to its former owner, as the situation could worsen, The Oregonian / Oregon Live reported Friday.

“We’re a small family-owned company, and of course no one is trying to hurt,” said Roman Ozeruga, who bought a home for $ 260,000 for foreclosure in 2018. “Of course, we paid taxes, statutory fees, banking fees, etc., so we already offered to sell the property for a fee.”

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt praised “neighbors and community members who refused to wait silently” on Friday, instead what to the Kinneys who have owned and evacuated their homes since the 1950s. Warned about what was happening.

“Unfortunately, this kind of intervention wanted to bring together so many people to improve the situation,” Schmidt said.

But he also said he was afraid of his neighbors leaving home and that journalists who went to the scene this week were assaulted. One suffered a hand injury when a protester hit her cell phone from her hand while she was recording a video.

“Continuous violence, property damage, and harm to our community are unacceptable and we will face aggressive prosecution,” said the district attorney.

The 124-year-old home was located in Portland’s historic black region and has been one of the few regions where black residents can own a home for decades. Racist real estate and zoning laws have kept them away from many other areas.

The neighborhood has experienced rapid gentrification over the last 20 years.

Real estate investor Kozerga said he was afraid of family well-being because of opposition activity.

“I myself am the father of small children,” he said. “I don’t have a public relations team or an attorney. To be honest, I’m worried about safety.”

According to police, between September 1st and November 30th, there were 81 calls for complaints about combat, gunshots, robbery, vandalism, and noise.


Selsky reported from Salem.

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Portland police demand clear streets at barricade homes

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