Portland City Council accepts reports describing tear gas used by officers as “chemical weapons”

The Portland City Council resolved on Wednesday to accept a police reform report equalizing the tear gas used to control protesters with “chemical weapons,” heavy when confronting unruly demonstrators. I called on the police not to use protective clothing.

According to a report from the Citizens’ Review Board’s Community Management and Use of Force Working Group, the Portland Police Department “permanently made the existing ban on the use of CS gas by the PPB and made it a crowd control.”

During some fierce protests last year, police officers were forced to deploy CS, one of the most commonly used tear gas, to disperse and maintain order in the crowd. Following these cases, Mayor Ted Wheeler banned police from using tear gas.

The report also calls for the development of a plan to “reduce public health and environmental risks when chemical weapons are used.”

Oregon teachers have removed the American flag from the classroom and said they “support violence, intimidation and intolerance.”

The report further argues that police officers should “adopt” soft clothing “to respond to protests” instead of riot equipment.

Another recommendation was that police officers “stop using weapons that target groups rather than individuals in the presence of mostly peaceful crowds” and “avoid power as an act of escalation.”

City councilman Mingus Maps said at the meeting that he was having a hard time trying to understand what the situation would be to allow police to wear riot equipment.

According to KOIN 6 News, “I’m curious when you look at the number of police officers injured during these protests,” Mapps said. “Municipal police data are not in front of us, but the federal government claims that 144 federal officials equipped with riots were injured, so one of the things I’m trying to understand is What kind of situation they are in. In protective clothing. “

According to the report, the recommendations are “based on a thorough analysis of community feedback, discussions with PPB leadership, reviews of existing policies, established best practices, and legal standards.”

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The report also supported the right-wing group, arguing that there was clear prejudice against color and media protesters, and that obligatory “comprehensive cultural diversity scrutinized by vulnerable community members.” And anti-racism training. “

Republican candidate Governor Stan Priam said, “The city of Portland is the only one in a position to keep Portlanders safe, agreeing that more than 100 days of violence and riots on the streets are due to police. It’s an insulting attempt to transfer blame to the people of Portland. ” I told Fox News in Oregon. “Law enforcement officers must already quit their jobs in cities that no longer consider the rule of law.”

The city council resolved to accept the report, but took no action on the recommendation.

“The police’s responsibility for violence is jumping to the next level of political insane,” Priam added.

Fox News sought comment from the Portland councilor and the city’s auditors’ office, but did not respond immediately.

Portland City Council accepts reports describing tear gas used by officers as “chemical weapons”

Source link Portland City Council accepts reports describing tear gas used by officers as “chemical weapons”

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