Poole denies targeting Morant’s knee as fury flares in the Warriors-Grizzlies series | NBA

Stephen Curry had 30 points, Klay Thompson had 21 and nine rebounds and Golden State sealed off supporter Ja Morant to humiliate Memphis 142-112 and lead 2-1 in the Western Conference semifinals.

Morant’s three goals just before the half-time bell saw the Grizzlies go 64-57 at the break and give him 17 of their 34 points after a 47-point appearance in Game 2. But Morant couldn’t do it alone for Memphis, and limped off the pitch with 6:19. to play before heading to the locker room.

Still distracted by Dillon Brooks’ hard foul in Game 2 that fractured Gary Payton II’s elbow, Draymond Green and Golden State kept their cool from the opening end that methodically ran away with him. After Payton’s injury, Warriors coach Steve Kerr claimed the Grizzlies had violated NBA “code” by injuring him. On Saturday it was the Grizzlies who directed the accusations against the Warriors.

After the game, Morant tweeted – then deleted – a video of Warriors guard Jordan Poole holding his knee along with the caption “break the code”. Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson Jr was asked about Poole’s game after the game.

“You know our mentality… you know, play with the ball. It is deeply regretted. You never want to see that kind of thing. Obviously, it wasn’t done by – no one here was dirty. There’s no one out here like that. But alas… you know the code. Talk about the codes of all current series. ”

Poole denied he intentionally hurt Morant. “It was a game of basketball when we doubled it,” said Poole. “And I hit the ball, and I chased the ball. I mean, of course, you don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I’m not even that type of player. I respect everyone.”

Grizzlies guard De’Anthony Melton said he hoped Morant, who has dazzled so far in the playoffs, would return for Game 4 of the series on Monday.

“I mean, we’ve seen Ja heal like the Wolverines out there,” said Melton. “He could limp one day, the next day fine. He is a fighter and a competitor. Who knows what the extent of the injury is? He understands his body and what the team needs, and he will make the best decisions.”

In Saturday’s other game, Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 42 points and fired the green light with 44.3 seconds remaining and the Milwaukee Bucks held off a string of shots in the dying seconds to beat the Boston Celtics 103-101 in their Game 3 Eastern Conference. semi-finals.

Defending champion Bucks lead the best-of-seven series 2-1, with Game 4 on Monday night in Milwaukee.

Boston trailed 103-100 when Marcus Smart was fouled by Jrue Holiday just before attempting a three-pointer with 4.6 seconds remaining. Smart took the first free throw, then missed on the second by deliberately firing a shot that missed the backboard before hitting the rim.

Smart got the rebound, but missed his putback attempt. Boston’s Robert Williams burst into the basket and sent the ball up and out of the glass. Al Horford was waiting on the right side with a throwback attempt which also failed. Horford then got his own rebound and deflected it, but his final shot came just after the buzzer.

However, the Celtics thought they should have had a three-shot foul after Holiday’s foul on Smart, something that would have given Boston a chance to equalize from the line.

“You need three [points] with 4.6 seconds, they knew we needed three,” said Smart after the game. “We knew they were going to commit a foul. It’s not like he got me when it was down low. I’m already in my shooting motion. I thought it would be three free throws; they said no.”

Poole denies targeting Morant’s knee as fury flares in the Warriors-Grizzlies series | NBA

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