Police ID driver ramming a bike rider during an Arizona race

Phoenix – Authorities were accused on Monday of plowing a pickup truck into a group of bicycles competing in a weekend race in a mountain town in Arizona, seriously injuring several riders as residents of a nearby community. Identified a man.

According to police spokeswoman Christine Slater, White Mountain Lakes’ Shawn Michaels Chock, 35, escaped from an accident at Show Low on Saturday and was chased by police. Chock is still hospitalized in a stable condition and has not been charged.

He has been accused of speeding up a track with bike racers who gathered just before 7:30 am for the annual 58-mile (93 km) bike the bluff race. Phoenix. Witnesses explained that they saw the cyclist’s body flying from side to side.

Tony Quiñones, a cyclist who saw the crash, said some riders initially wondered if the truck driver had grabbed the steering wheel and fell asleep. But Kinones said he saw a man speeding up towards a cyclist.


“He went to us,” Kinones said.

Authorities were trying to identify the motive for the crash.

Seven cyclists were rushed to the hospital and all but one were listed in danger. The other was stable. Sleighter said there was no up-to-date information on how to do it.

According to witnesses, after hitting the bicycle, the driver of the pickup hit a utility pole, and the bicycle rushed to the truck and began to hit the window, shouting to the driver to get off.

According to Kinones, the driver stepped back on the accelerator, drove the road, made a U-turn and then returned to the cyclist, but ran away without hitting again.

He was shot by police outside a nearby hardware store. According to Show Low spokeswoman Gray Spain, Chock did not obey when police attempted to arrest him, but authorities have not yet revealed details of the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

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Police ID driver ramming a bike rider during an Arizona race

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