Police arrest thief at Johnny Depp’s LA home

“The Hills” star Whitney Port sadly shared that she was suffering from a second miscarriage.

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“Hey everyone. This is not an easy task. I started a video blog on the YouTube channel a few months ago and decided to share two stories: a new home remodeling and a new pregnancy journey,” she said. I’m writing on Instagram. “Sadly, I lost my pregnancy.”

In July 2019, 35-year-old Whitney also suffered a miscarriage.

In her new Instagram post, reality TV star said she and her husband, Tim Rosenman, had discussed whether to publish the news.

“I didn’t want to relieve the pain,” she said. “But this time the situation is different. Last time I wasn’t ready to have a baby and I had a different feeling of miscarriage. This time I was really connected. I was really excited. I am enjoying my pregnancy. I imagined everything. “

Whitney, who shares his three-year-old son Sunny with Tim, said, “I’m sad, but it’s okay. I’ll try again. So here’s our story. I’m also to those who have I am very sad. I have experienced this or have experienced this. I know that our community shares, unites and supports.

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In addition to her Instagram post, Whitney spoke openly about her loss on a YouTube video.

“A few months ago, Timmy and I learned that I was pregnant. We were very happy,” the note I read at the beginning of the video. “I was convinced that I had a girl, and it quickly led to the idea and feelings, and I just closed the little house to renovate, and I thought it would be fun to share both stories with you. It was. “

“Sadly, I lost my pregnancy,” continued the opening message. “After some thought, I still decided to make a video.”

Police arrest thief at Johnny Depp’s LA home

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