Poland says there are no new restrictions despite the surge in infections

Warsaw – Poland’s resistance to introducing new blockades and restrictions amid a surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths has attracted criticism from national health professionals and European acceptance of unvaccinated restrictions. I’m against the rise.

Prime Minister Mateush Morawicki’s populist right-wing administration does not seem to want to take steps to offend voters and give new damage to the economy suffering from high inflation. In Western Europe, where vaccination rates are significantly higher than Poland’s 53%, restrictions have recently led to protests and riots.

When 497 new deaths were recorded in Poland, Health Minister Adam Niziersky said Thursday, “We do know at this point that restrictions are not an effective means of limiting the spread of the pandemic. “.

This is a highly controversial idea by many Polish doctors calling on the government to take action.


Over the last few weeks, the rise in infectious diseases has led authorities to reopen temporary hospitals that were closed months ago. Recently, thousands of school children have been quarantined in outbreaks or have started distance learning.

An additional 421 deaths were reported on Friday, bringing the total number of deaths since Monday to 1,784. This is the last level seen in the spring when Central Europe was a global virus hotspot.

Meanwhile, 26,735 new infections were reported on Friday, with a total of approximately 3.5 million infections since the start of the pandemic, killing more than 82,000 people in 38 million people.

Throughout Europe, governments are ordering new restrictions in the hope that they will hurt the proliferation of infectious diseases. Austria went the furthest in the national blockade that began on Monday, and unvaccinated restrictions continue.


In contrast, the Polish government only encourages citizens to vaccinate and requires them to wear masks in public.

Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska said last week that more restrictions are meaningless, as Poles tend to reject them. “We have the opposite gene,” he said.

Health Minister Niziersky said the government would consider additional restrictions in mid-December if the number of infections did not decline by then. It’s a “black scenario,” he said, “it all depends on the efficiency of the hospital.”

With the emergence of a worrisome new variant of the coronavirus in South Africa, Poland is facing an increase in infection, but the immunization of children aged 5 to 11 years, which should help boost the immunity of the population, has not yet begun. A few weeks away.


Michal Dworczyk, head of vaccination at the government, said the government has no plans to mandate vaccinations, and given that “everyone knows about vaccinations,” increasing education campaigns will not help much. Stated.

“A sharp increase in the number of vaccinations can only be affected by fear,” Dworczyk said at this stage.

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Poland says there are no new restrictions despite the surge in infections

Source link Poland says there are no new restrictions despite the surge in infections

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