Placido Domingo was commended in Spain for alleged harassment

Spanish tenor Placido Domingo will speak after receiving the “Spain’s Honorary World Heritage Ambassador” award at a ceremony held at the Royal Theater in Madrid, Spain on June 10, 2021.Reuters / Sergio Perez

June 11, 2021

Marco Trujillo and Guillermo Martinez

Madrid (Reuters)-Spanish opera star Placido Domingo has been awarded since the union regularly harassed women the day after receiving a standing ovation at its premiere in Madrid at Teatro Real. Was awarded.

Spain canceled a scheduled performance by Domingo in a publicly funded theater last year, but a study by the American Musical Artist Guild concluded that the singer had misbehaved against female performers. Therefore, I withdrew from the show.

More than 30 singers, dancers, musicians, voice teachers and behind-the-scenes staff have witnessed or experienced improper behavior over the last 30 years.

US institutions such as the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the San Francisco Opera have canceled planned contracts with Domingo, and he has resigned as general director of the Los Angeles Opera.

Domingo apologized for causing discomfort to his colleagues, but denied acting aggressively or interfering with the careers of fellow performers. A Domingo representative said the singer “has never been investigated or tried on any charges by a court or other investigative body.”

Returning to Madrid on Wednesday for a charity concert to support the Red Cross, he gathered a large number of people, including regional leader Isabel Diaz Ayoso, who said returning the singer to Spain was a “source of pride.” It was.

Arriving at the ceremony, which was awarded the title of Honorary Ambassador of Spain’s World Heritage Sites, Domingo talked about the pride he felt returned and the thrill of the show the day before.

“I feel great emotions. It’s a wonderful city in my city, Madrid …. After singing last night … It was such a special night that I feel I’m doing my best.”

Fans outside the concert defended Domingo’s heritage.

“We love him and follow him almost everywhere …. We love him as an artist and a singer,” said Wilda of Southern Germany, who travels around the world at concerts. Said.

Equality Minister Irene Montero, a leading figure in the Spanish feminist movement, criticized those who praised the singer.

“I want them to ask themselves what they are sending to these women and those who are sexually assaulted every day in our country,” Montero tweeted.

Neither the Red Cross nor the Association for the Promotion and Promotion of the Spanish World Heritage Site, which hosted the award ceremony, were asked to comment.

According to his website, he will sing and conduct in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc. this year, but the venues in the United States are not listed.

(Additional reports by Nathan Allen, Elena Rodriguez, Inti Randauro, written by Nathan Allen, edited by Ingrid Melander, Philippa Fletcher, Jonathan Oatis)

Placido Domingo was commended in Spain for alleged harassment

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