Philadelphia health officials forced to resign at MOVE cremation

Philadelphia – Philadelphia’s Supreme Health official was forced to resign Thursday after saying that the mayor had learned of some of the bodies that were cremated and disposed of without notifying his family in the 1985 bombing of the Black Organization Headquarters. It was.

Mayor Jim Kenney said health commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley decided several years ago to cremate and dispose of the bodies of victims of the MOVE bombing.

The announcement of Farley’s expulsion deliberately came to the 36th anniversary of the MOVE bombing after Kenny consulted with the victim’s family. Five children were among the 11 killed when police bombed the organization’s headquarters and spread fire to more than 60 row houses.

In a statement released by the mayor’s office, Farley said in early 2017, city inspector General Dr. Sam Greeno found a box containing materials related to the autopsy of victims of the MOVE bombing. Said he was.


“The box probably contained bones and fragments from one or more victims,” ​​Farley said.

According to Farley, the standard procedure is to hold the specimen after the autopsy is completed and the body is handed over to a close relative.

“The investigation related to the MOVE bombing was completed over 30 years ago, and I believe that I do not want to cause any further pain to the victim’s family, so I follow this procedure to Dr. Grino to dispose of bones and fragments “Farley said.

He said the decision was only for him and no other top city officials were consulted.

After a recent report that local agencies remained victims of the MOVE bombing, Farley said he had reconsidered his actions and notified senior officials. Kenny told him about what happened late Tuesday, took responsibility and said he had resigned.

“I deeply regret making this decision without consulting the victim’s family and deeply apologize for the pain it causes,” Farley wrote.


Kenny said Farley’s decision lacked empathy. According to Kenny, Grino is also on leave until the investigation is over.

“I had the opportunity to meet with members of an African family and apologize for how this situation was dealt with and how the city has treated them over the last 50 years,” Kenny said in a statement. Stated. The members of MOVE named Africa after the group’s founder, John Africa.

Kenny later told reporters that he had a long and difficult meeting with the victims’ families on Wednesday morning and agreed to publicize the matter on Bombing Anniversary at their request.

At the end of Thursday, crowds gathered at an intersection near the block where the bombing took place. MOVE members, all dressed in white, read a minute explanation of the bombing and the confrontations that led to it. Philadelphia police issued warrants to the four members in an attempt to expel the remaining black return-to-nature group. It bombed from the headquarters and ignited the fuel for the generator.


Some who attended Thursday shouted “shame” and “grave robbery.”

Mr Kenny said he had informed his family how the authorities had processed the remains stored in the vault. The amount of bodies is unknown, and Kenny said he wanted to determine where and how they were disposed of.

The city hired a law firm to investigate and agreed to include a lawyer for the victim’s family in the process.


Scolforo was reported by Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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Philadelphia health officials forced to resign at MOVE cremation

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