Pete Davidson flies into space

Pete Davidson must have nailed his role as an astronaut in SNL’s SNL skit “Chad on Mars” last year, because this time he’s officially going to space, for real. The actor and comedian will be one of several crew members aboard a flight of Jeff Bezos’ commercial space company Blue Origin, departing from Texas in late March.

Bezos founded Blue Origin back in 2000, making it one of a growing number of prominent private space companies, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, and French company Arianespace SA. Davidson isn’t the first entertainer Blue Origin has sent into orbit — the company has had William Shatner and Michael Strahan aboard past voyages. Bezos himself flew into space in July 2021; Blue Origin has flown a total of 19 flights.

“[It’s] almost like an out of body experience. It’s hard to believe it happened,” Strahan said after his trip to ABC. “It’s a crazy feeling, like the feeling of weightlessness, the feeling when the booster goes up, the rocket goes up and it releases and you don’t know what’s up from the bottom.”

This particular flight is part of Blue Origin’s New Shepard initiative, which, according to the company’s website, will send “astronauts and research payloads past the Kármán Line — the internationally recognized frontier of space” for a total of 11 minutes. (Commercial spaceflight has been the subject of considerable criticism for both its potential environmental impact and the generally not great looks of something so flashy that doesn’t seem to serve any clear scientific purpose.)

Per People, Davidson joined the flight after he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian had dinner with Jeff Bezos at his Los Angeles home this January. The trip will certainly be a welcome break for Davidson, who isn’t just one Saturday night live The cast member and lead in a new TV show based on his life is embroiled in a grueling public feud with Kanye West. This is the second time he’s made headlines this year for his surprise involvement in a big ship — in January, Davidson and Colin Jost bought a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry boat with the intention of turning it into a floating comedy club.

Davidson and his fellow travelers will be taking all the postcards to benefit the Blue Origin’s Club for the Future foundation, which encourages young people to work in STEM, and their Postcards to Space program.

Judging by the list of fellow passengers, it seems Davidson will be tasked with providing most of the entertainment. Other passengers include angel investors, entrepreneurs and various CEOs. Let’s hope they’re all big fans of the comedic spirit behind “Tucci Gang.”

Pete Davidson flies into space

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