Pelosi says “fatal and serious” January 6 investigation to go without Republicans

Washington – Don’t be fooled by the Republican boycott threat, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that a parliamentary commission investigating the January 6 Parliamentary rebellion would be “deadly” with or without Republicans. Declared to undertake “serious” work.

Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy called the committee a “fake process” and suggested that participating Republicans could face consequences. McCarthy said it was “terrible abuse of power” that Pelosi refused to appoint two Republicans.

Increasing tensions between the two parties before the investigation began worsened in Capitol Hill since supporters of former President Donald Trump surrounded the Capitol and blocked President Joe Biden’s proof of victory. It symbolizes the anger of the party. .. Bipartisan unity is rarely seen, as most Republicans remain loyal to Trump and many downplay the seriousness of violent attacks.


McCarthy said Wednesday that he would withdraw the names of all five Republicans appointed after Pelosi rejected two of Indiana’s Jim Banks and Ohio’s Jim Jordan. Pelosi revealed on Thursday that she wouldn’t forgive, and Democrats pondered filling the vacant seats themselves.

“It is my responsibility as Speaker of the House to ensure that we reach the truth of this, and we do not let their disgust get in the way,” Pelosi said of the Republicans. It was.

At present, Pelosi has the authority to do so under the rules of the Commission, so it is unclear if he would like to appoint more members to the selection panel. She left that possibility open, saying there were other members she wanted to join. However, she said she had not decided to appoint Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of only two Republicans who voted in support of the panel’s creation last month.

Another Wyoming parliamentarian, Liz Cheney, has already been appointed by Pelosi to join the committee with seven Democrats, with or without other Republicans.


Mr. Chaney praised Mr. Kinzinger as a “tremendous addition” to the panel, and several Democrats on the panel seem to support the idea, with Mississippi Chairman Bennie Thompson a military veteran. “It’s the kind of person we want,” he said. To have. ”

Banks and Jordan are Trump’s candid allies, who have continued to lie about large-scale election fraud and defend his supporters who have invaded the Capitol. The mobs fought past the police and ran lawmakers for their lives.

The House of Representatives voted in May to create an independent investigation that would be evenly divided between the two parties, but the Senate Republican Party blocked that approach in a vote last month. Pelosi said a new panel was created just because bipartisan committees were no longer an option.

McCarthy was asked Thursday if Chainey (and potentially Kinzinger) could be stripped of his regular committee duties in retaliation for his participation, saying “the meeting will consider it.” .. Despite a similar threat from McCarthy, Chainy accepted a quota from Pelosi earlier this month.


Pelosi has accepted three other picks from McCarthy: Rodney Davis, Illinois, Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota, and Troinels, Texas. However, McCarthy said all five would or would not participate at all.

Like Jordan and Banks, Neels voted to overturn Biden’s victory. Armstrong and Davis voted to prove the election.

The bank recently traveled with Trump to the US-Mexico border and visited him on a golf course in New Jersey. In a statement after McCarthy chose him for the panel, he sharply criticized the Democrats who set it up.

“Undoubtedly, Nancy Pelosi set up this committee just to hurt the conservatives and justify the authoritarian agenda on the left,” Banks said.

Democrats appointed to the committee earlier this month by Pelosi were angry with the statement and the bank recently played Trump twice, according to a senior Democratic aide who is familiar with private deliberations discussed on condition of anonymity. I was worried that I had visited.


Jordan, the top Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee, was one of Trump’s loudest defenders during the two impeachments and compared the new investigation to “Impeachment 3” last month. Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives and acquitted by the Senate.

According to a person familiar with the Commission’s work, the Panel also criticized Trump’s lie about election fraud, according to a person familiar with the Commission’s work, who was allowed to discuss private talks anonymously. We are considering hiring former Congressman Denver Wriggleman as an outside adviser.

Cheney told reporters that he agreed with Pelosi’s decision to reject the two Republicans nominated by McCarthy.

“At every opportunity, minority leaders sought to prevent Americans from understanding what had happened — to prevent this investigation,” said Chainy.

The panel will hold its first hearing next week, with at least four policemen who fought the riots testifying about their experience. Committee members met on Thursday afternoon to prepare.


Mr Thompson said the hearing would allow law enforcement officers to talk about themselves and “get in shape” to launch the investigation.

Seven people died during and after the riot. Among them are a woman shot by police while trying to break into a room in her house and three other Trump supporters who suffered from a medical emergency. In the days that followed, two police officers committed suicide, and a third police officer, Brian Sicknick, collapsed and later died after engaging protesters. The coroner determined that he had died of natural cause.


Washington Associated Press author Kevin Flaking contributed to this report.

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Pelosi says “fatal and serious” January 6 investigation to go without Republicans

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