Peacock farm and flower truck business is blooming

Fort Worth, Texas — A unique bright blue truck in Fort Worth flips your eyebrows and gives people the perfect excuse to surprise a special person.

Peacock Farm and Flower Truck began rolling around town for business in 2020, with a surprising amount of success despite the difficult years.

“I did my first harvest from the first flower garden. I picked multiple 5 bucket gallons a day during the height of the COVID … it was more enjoyable than I could give …” Mauri Williams, owner of Peacock, said. Farms and flowers.

She started selling flowers from home, but the supply and demand was too high.

“I started filling my schedule with pouch pickups all day every day, and I actually saved enough money,” Williams said.

She used the money to buy the first flower truck, the eye-catching blue sea bass.

“This was the perfect solution because I couldn’t make retail space,” says Flower Farmer.

Her business really blossomed every Saturday at the Clearfolk Farmers Market and other events in the area and needed additional work to catch up.

“It can be busy and busy, but that’s good … it’s great to make people happy,” said Jared Hambright.

As a new business owner, she states that it’s important to provide customers with something unique, not just a general product.

“I try to add more exotic things like heirloom flowers and things you may not have seen before,” she said.

Customers like the unique selection of flowers she offers, which gives them a little pick-up.

Lori Whitnell of Fort Worth said, “I was attracted to her track because she has a football mother and it’s hard to find a football mother. I grew up on a small track and it gave me all sorts of things. Brought the memories of. “

A year ago, Williams wouldn’t have imagined the success she found by fully engaging in her dream business.

“I keep pinching myself, and it was so fast that I’m just trying to immerse it all,” she said.

She is adding a second mobile flower shop to cover even more events. Despite the challenge, Williams said this year was better than she expected, proving that there is never a good time to believe in your dreams.

Peacock farm and flower truck business is blooming

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