PBS’s “masterpiece” is celebrating its 50th year.National news

“Promoting diversity meant a number of things,” said a role inspired by the complete dimensionalization of female characters, casting actors in physical challenges, and the story of a black actor’s mother. The calendar said, including creating.

The “masterpiece” has its own job, Simpson said. To do this, he played an active role in promoting project diversity during project development and discovered a full-fledged way to reflect inclusiveness in historical drama, such as the 2019 Les Miserables miniseries. Includes doing.

David Eurowo, a British-born black actor who starred as an obsessed police inspector Javer, said he comfortably played his role after examining 19th-century French history and discovering that there were black police officers. Simpson said.

“What I have learned from him is, as a writer and producer, to take a deeper look at history in terms of the authenticity of the people of color and make more efforts to find those stories. It’s a duty, “she said.

The three-part drama “Long Song,” which debuts on January 31st in “Masterpiece,” illustrates what is hidden in the clear view. Based on the historical novel of the same name by the prestigious Booker Literary Award finalist Andrea Levy, he talks about the life and aftermath of a young black woman in the last years of slavery in Jamaica.

Pandemic uncertainty brought it to the “masterpiece”. It was when Simpson sought a program that could be used as a safeguard, recording part of a UK show that was suspended last March. Simpson said he was already familiar with the late Levi’s work as “Masterpiece” aired an adaptation of her “Small Island” novel in 2010, and felt that “Long Song” was “powerful and inspiring.” Told.

PBS’s “masterpiece” is celebrating its 50th year.National news

Source link PBS’s “masterpiece” is celebrating its 50th year.National news

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