Patrick Stewart, 80, still suffering from childhood trauma


The Star Trek: Picard actor needs the help of a therapist while struggling to understand the protracted effects of a violent and abusive father.

AceShowbiz – Customer Patrick Stewart He is still attending a treatment session to agree on the domestic violence he witnessed as a child.

Star Trek: Picard“Actors are still influenced by seeing their fathers frequently behave violently against their mothers as they grow up.

About Telegraph.co.uk, he said, “I’m 80 and still on treatment. I meet people here in Los Angeles every week for nearly 20 years.”

“I’m still looking for myself and asking myself questions. It’s certainly time to remember feeling in the midst of violence, and there’s nothing I can do. ”

Brit grew up convinced that he had the same sequence of anger as his father and fought to hide it-admitting he thought he would kill the principal when he was accidentally punished as a teenager. It was.

“I was beaten by the principal with a cane when I was 14, and I was innocent of his blame for me,” Patrick recalled. “It was one of the most difficult moments I’ve ever had because I wanted to attack him. I would have killed him. If I had actually got him, he would have done it. I do not think so.”

But Patrick never brought his emotions to the fore at work, even if the character asked for it.

He said, “Extreme anger, anger-I had to forge them. I inherited them, so what would happen to me if I allowed those real feelings (outside)? I was afraid. ”

And that “X-Men“Stars were always worried about losing their temper with their children from their first marriage. Sheila Falconer..

“(Emotions) had to be controlled,” he shared. “I had two kids (Daniel and Sophia) and there was no violence at home. I remember my son being much taller than me and snorting with me to discuss something. I had to suppress everything. That’s (anger) Yes, it was there, it’s still there. ”

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