Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs cares more about the Super Bowl than salary

Two years ago, Patrick Mahomes signed a massive 10 year contract with Kansas City Chief which far surpasses his fellow quarterbacks. This week, for the third time this offseason, QB signed more annual wages.

Additionally, Mahomes’ associates agreed a shorter deal that would allow them to land free agents more quickly. They can then sign more each year, while Mahomes sits on his current decade-long contract at lower rates.

Mahomes, however, still leads the league in cash totals, with $450 million. On Friday, the 26-year-old superstar insisted he was not worried about becoming the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

“When I signed my deal, I knew I would be quite ready to live, regardless of what happens in the market,” Mahomes said. “But you keep playing. Money is one thing, but when you get that Super Bowl ring, at the end of your career, I think that’s going to be what you see back. beyond that too, that it doesn’t matter in the end.”

In March, Aaron Rodgers accepted a new three-year, $150.8 million contract from the Packers after winning his second MVP in a row. That makes him the NFL’s highest-paid player per season. Kyler Murray is second on the list after signing a contract extension with the Cardinals this week for $46.1 million per year. Deshaun Watson, after a March trade from Texas to the Browns, will make $46 million a year.

Murray and Watson, of course, were nowhere near as successful as Mahomes. But raises are a trend the former MVP is well aware of, which is why he predicts starlets Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow will eventually surpass Rodgers.

“The next guy is the highest-paid type of guy,” says Mahomes. “Incredible. You want the salary cap to go up, you want the players to earn more money.”

Following a slight decline amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the limit is expected to only increase exponentially going forward. So while the Mahomes deal may seem outrageous in 2020, it now appears to be a huge bid for the best player in the league. Unless amended, the contract is set to cover most of Mahomes’ term.

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Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs cares more about the Super Bowl than salary

Source link Patrick Mahomes of Chiefs cares more about the Super Bowl than salary

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