Patients evacuated as a fire at Johannesburg Hospital

Johannesburg – Hundreds of patients have been evacuated from Charlotte Maxique Hospital in Johannesburg, where a fire broke out in some of South Africa’s largest cities.

No injuries or casualties have been reported, and patients have been transferred to other public hospitals in the metropolitan area, according to Johannesburg officials.

Early Saturday morning, a fire destroyed the third floor of the hospital parking lot.

60 firefighters have been fighting the flames all night. The fire started on Friday morning and was extinguished by the afternoon, but then reignited in the evening and burned all night.

The fire caused enormous damage to hospitals servicing Johannesburg and its surrounding state of Gauteng, which has more than 1,000 beds and a population of 6 million. It is one of the largest public hospitals in South Africa. It is also the designated treatment center for COVID-19 in Houten.


According to authorities, the fire began in a dry surgical supplies storage room.

“Our firefighters are backed by other people in nearby municipalities. Trying to move patients was a tedious process. Initially, we put them in a ward far from the fire. We moved, but we started evacuating them, “Houten’s health spokeswoman, Kwara Kekana, told AP.

β€œIt’s still an ongoing process. We are currently referencing all patients to other hospitals,” says Kekana.

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Patients evacuated as a fire at Johannesburg Hospital

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