Partisanism predominates as Biden pushes the agenda with little Republican support

“The country wants action.”

This is an internal message from one of President Biden’s top advisors.

But is the country looking for the specific actions he is promoting?

Republicans are increasingly revealing that his Covid bailout package isn’t focused and opposes it as too expensive, and that Democrats will push it forward in a partisan vote. Even some liberal economists see the $ 1.9 trillion price tag too high, but the packages are well polled and the new president usually gets his first big initiative. So this is easy to use jargon.

But is it a big deal for Biden after that?

A memo from White House senior adviser Mike Donilon, first reported by Axios, seems to go beyond the story of Biden’s campaign unity. The idea is to stick it to the Republicans.

“It seems that there is a growing general belief that Republicans are politically wise or, in the worst case, inexpensive to take a sabotage and partisan basic political stance,” Doniron wrote. .. “But there is plenty of evidence that the opposite is true. It’s not politically wise for Republicans to follow this path, and this approach gives them a lot more than it’s not costly. It has caused damage. “

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I don’t know yet. I think Republicans may pay the price of greater stimulus, unemployment benefits, subsidies for small businesses, and support for school reopening. No one remembers what legislative action the government had to take if the vaccination program (which now seems to include Johnson & Johnson) was successful and the economy was booming. Hmm.

But the legislative opposition works just because it’s so easy to stop something on the hill. Mitch McConnell may support Merrick Garland for the Attorney General, but he has great responsibility for Garland’s absence in the Supreme Court and Amy Comey Barrett being the new judge. ..

“The vibrant spirit behind the administration’s approach is impatient — born of the pandemic, the looming midterm, and Mr. Biden’s own bitter experience with Republicans during President Barack Obama’s administration.” says. That’s when McConnell, as you may remember, vowed to make Obama the first president. (It didn’t work very well.)

However, one-party governance is difficult. The Biden team may certainly not get much help when it comes to immigration, but it may also work on issues such as infrastructure that are unwilling to compromise with the other side.

And Democrats don’t have the strongest hands in the 50-50 Senate. The Senate has always been the place where all members have nuclear weapons, allowing moderate Joe Manchin to stop Neera Tanden’s nomination for the OMB on his own, as long as the Republicans hold the ranks. Now that’s even more true. (Whether the Republicans are in a position to yell at her average tweets four years after Donald Trump’s Twitter attack, Tanden dug a deep hole in himself.)

Two other candidates, Xavier Becerra and Deb Haaland, are also pulling anti-aircraft guns.

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Biden resisted his party’s cave expedition to the left. The former candidate, who refused to support Medicare for All, also denied the free request that the government allow up to $ 50,000 in student loan debt. He also suggests that the $ 15 minimum wage, which is part of the Covid aid bill, probably needs to be lifted, and that he will accept a slower wage increase.

But in the end, Democrats opposed most of what Trump wanted to do. Every time the White House or Congress changes hands, it’s like a rewarding time. For all of Biden’s long-standing relationship with Republicans, he may find that Beltway Gridlock is the only beast he can’t kill.

Partisanism predominates as Biden pushes the agenda with little Republican support

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