Parents of Richneck Elementary students prepare to sue after teacher was shot by 6-year-old

A family of two students attending an elementary school in Virginia. 6-year-old boy injured after shooting teacher I have filed a notice of potential legal action against the school system over the trauma the shooting has inflicted on children.

Parents of a first grader said their daughter was in the classroom when the shooting occurred and “had suffered psychological damage as a result.” Her parents also claimed school officials failed to protect her daughter from bullying, harassment, and assault throughout her school years.

A letter from another child’s family said she was “injured in a school shooting on January 6, 2023.” Authorities say no children were physically harmed in the incident, but their attorneys declined to elaborate further.

Both notifications were dated January 30th. Newport News Public Schools provided the letter to AP upon request. They were first reported by the Daily Press.

Abby Zwerner

Zwerner family

The notification was the latest fallout from a shooting that sent shockwaves through a shipbuilding city near the Chesapeake Bay and sparked mounting criticism from school administrators.

Police say a first grader brought his mother’s 9mm handgun to Richneck Elementary School and deliberately shot the teacherZwerner, 25, was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and is now recovering at home.

One of the legal notices, filed by “Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nieves Jr.,” asked the school to retain potential evidence, including emails regarding students who allegedly bullied, harassed, and assaulted their daughter. I am asking the system.

Another student’s parents were not named in the attorney’s letter, but the notice makes a similar request that the school system preserve the evidence.

Zwerner’s attorney, Diane Toscano, recently filed her own legal notice, presenting a series of egregious allegations.

Hours before the filming, at least three teachers and staff were arrested, according to the documents. warned the school administrator They believed the boy had brought a gun to school. The boy’s backpack was searched, but no gun was found. The administration did not remove the boy from class, close the school, or call the police.

According to her allegation notice, the boy allegedly “smashed” Zwerner’s mobile phone two days before the shooting. He got her one-day suspension, but when he returned to Zwerner’s class the next day, he took her 9 mm handgun out of his pocket and shot her as she sat on the reading table. , said her memo.

A letter from Zwerner’s lawyer said the child constantly cursed staff and teachers, chased students, tried to whip a student with a belt, and once choked another teacher “until he couldn’t breathe.” It is written

Days after the shooting, parents and teachers accused school administrators of misemphasizing attendance over the safety of children and staff.

Newport News Board of Education Fire Superintendent George Parker IIIMeanwhile, Richneck principal Ebony Parker resigned. A metal detector was also installed at Richneck. resume to student On January 30th after being closed for 3 full weeks.

Police said the boy was taken to a medical facility and is receiving unspecified services. A judge will decide:

No charges have been filed against the mother of the boy whose gun was used in the shooting. However, police said they were investigating. Parents of Richneck Elementary students prepare to sue after teacher was shot by 6-year-old

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