Parents of an unrestrained girl killed at Ride Sue theme park

Denver – On her family’s first trip since the pandemic began, 6-year-old Wongel Estifanos rode a vertical drop ride at Colorado Amusement Park with her uncle, aunt, and cousin last month.

As the floor was pulled away from under them, everyone else got off the 110-foot (34-meter) underground shaft and fell into their seats. However, Wongel, who was not tied to her seat, plunged into her death, according to a proceeding filed by her parents against the park on Wednesday.

After the vehicle stopped at the bottom, Wongel’s uncle was horrified to see if she enjoyed it and seeing her not in her seat. Instead, he saw her tattered body at the bottom of the shaft.

“When Wongel’s uncle and other relatives in the vehicle shouted in horror and tried to get off the vehicle and run to Wongel, the vehicle did not release them and lifted them 110 feet to the top of the mine shaft. “The lawsuit said.

The proceedings alleged that Glenwood Cave Adventure Park recklessly killed the girl on September 5 because she did not train Haunted Mine Dropride operators despite previous seatbelt problems. Insist.


State investigators concluded that Wongel’s death was the result of multiple operator mistakes. The Colorado Labor and Employment Department reported last month that the girl was sitting on two seat belts instead of crossing her knees, and the two new hires were unaware of the check.

Investigators also found that the alert system was warning of problems, but one of the workers was not well trained to know what to do about it, so reset the alert system. The report said that it started the ride.

According to state investigators, the proceedings revealed the results of the investigation, claiming that in 2018 and 2019, the park was unable to overturn two previous complaints that passengers were not initially tied to the ride. ing.


In a statement, park officials said they could not comment on the proceedings in dispute, but expressed their condolences to Wongel’s family. “Our heart is directed at the Estifanos family and those affected by their loss,” he said.

Wongel’s parents, Estifanos Dagne and Rahel Estifanos, are urging them and the general public to know the complete truth about what happened, said their lawyer, Dan. Caprice said in a statement.

“Their mission is to take full responsibility for everyone responsible for the killing of their daughter and protect other families by sending a loud and clear message throughout the amusement park industry,” he said. Said.

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Parents of an unrestrained girl killed at Ride Sue theme park

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