Pandemic promotes digital “boom” of account creation and password fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a “boom” in the growth of ownership of online accounts, but it can also compromise consumer security.

COVID-19 has caused serious economic and social turmoil, not to mention its impact on our physical and mental health.

Blockades, shields, and stay-at-home orders around the world have forced many of us to rely on online sources for everything from groceries to banks and entertainment, which IBM calls “digital dependence.” And I had to create more. Online account more than ever.

In a new global survey of 22,000 participants conducted by IBM’s Morning Consult, technology vendors investigated the impact of pandemics on consumer security behavior.

The results are good and not good.

There seems to be little thought about personal safety, as many other things are happening. On average, 82% of surveyed individuals reuse the same passwords and credentials when signing up for each account with 15 new online accounts created during the main causes of the pandemic. I admitted that there is.

In total, 44% of respondents only remembered their password and 32% wrote down their credentials on pen and paper. Eighteen percent of those surveyed say they use password managers, and another 18% store their passwords in the cloud via Notes, Google Docs, and more.

Therefore, billions of new accounts are currently active on the Internet around the world. Forty-four percent of respondents say they have no plans to deactivate these new accounts. Expand the attack surface of cyber criminals. ”

In addition, the report finds that convenience often outweighs security concerns, probably because of the frequency of hearing about data breaches and the knowledge that much of personal information (PII) is already widely available. I did.

For example, more than 51% of millennials wanted the risk of using insecure apps and websites rather than going to a physical store or making a phone call when ordering a product or service.


When you’re trying to order online, think about when it’s most convenient to order online.Which of the following
Do you agree more, even if neither is completely true to you?


Today, many online services require strong passwords and a relatively high level of complexity when users sign up. However, the password itself is currently inadequate for popular platforms and can be used for customized phishing campaigns, social engineering attempts, and direct account hijacking the moment the password is leaked.

Consider using a password manager that can generate strong passwords instead, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to monitor data breaches that expose passwords online and enhance security, or: It is advisable to consider a good physical key. Yubikey, an additional layer of protection.

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Pandemic promotes digital “boom” of account creation and password fatigue

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