Pandemic delivery and childbirth protocol.Answered your question

San Antonio – During the coronavirus pandemic, labor and childbirth differed significantly, and KSAT viewers sent many questions about protocols and recommendations that seemed to be constantly changing.

Dr. Patrick Ramsey is helping to clear the turmoil. He is the Medical Director of the University Health Inpatient OB Service and Director of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program at UT Health San Antonio.

How many visitors can a woman have to give birth?

“At least during pregnancy, we allow one visitor to come with us during labor or hospitalization,” said Dr. Ramsey.

If she is COVID-19 positive, can the visitor still enter with the woman giving birth?

“Even if the mother tests positive, the person can still enter the hospital. They are screened for temperature checks and they do not test themselves, but they stay with the patient throughout their stay. You have to be in the room and they can’t go back when they leave, “Ramsey said. “And they also have to wear masks, social distances, and all sorts of them.”


If a woman is COVID-19 positive at birth, do she need to leave her baby?

“In the early days when we didn’t know much about COVID-19, there were some early recommendations for separation. How important it is for a mother to start breastfeeding with her baby. As we know it was quickly abandoned, so basically since May or June of last year we have been fully supportive of having a baby with a postnatal mother. “Mr. Ramsey said.

Is the protocol the same for all local hospitals?

According to Ramsey, San Antonio’s major hospital systems are in contact and follow almost the same rules.

“We have met over the past few months to discuss among the healthcare professionals at these facilities. Most facilities seem to have the same type of policy,” he said. “Until the pandemic is over, most facilities in the county will probably be broadcast to one supporter in the room.”


How about the visitors to the clinic visit to OB-GYN?

“It fluctuates a bit. I think it’s normal not to allow someone to be with you for those visits. Obviously, if you have a really complicated pregnancy problem, your spouse We allow people to bring masks, social distances, etc., “says Ramsey.

He proposes to call the facility you visit in advance, so you prepare and know the visitor’s policy.

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Pandemic delivery and childbirth protocol.Answered your question

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